Whisper of Shadow Tier List Guide 2024: Best characters

Just dropping a piping-hot character tier list to help you navigate the chaotic beauty that is Whisper of Shadow.

I’ve spent way too many hours (don’t judge) testing and analyzing these heroes, so I’m here to share the knowledge in a Whisper of Shadow tier list and hopefully save you some time (and sanity) along the way.

So, let’s cut to the chase and reveal the true MVPs of Whisper of Shadow!

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Whisper of Shadow Tier List: Our best character recommendions for June 2024 meta

Editor’s Note: The tier list is based on my current understanding of hero strengths and weaknesses. So please don’t judge!

S-Tier: Exceptional Heroes

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Aether (Light Warrior):

  • Considered the top warrior unit in the game.
  • Critical and attack buffs that can be stacked, increasing her strong presence.
  • Enhances other warriors’ critical rates, making her a valuable team member.

Lofils (Dark Mage):

  • One of the best mages with impressive damage output.
  • Abilities include inflicting erosion, sleep, enhancing allied mages’ magic damage, and dispelling enemy buffs.

Lamia (Parasite Mage):

  • Excellent defense reducer with massive damage.
  • Inflicts defense reduction debuff on the mid-front row.

Natalie (Empire Mage):

  • Deals massive damage to enemies and applies an undispellable burn debuff.
  • Burn debuff can be triggered every turn.

Lydia (Light Stalker):

  • Deals massive damage with high critical rate, shared with allies.
  • Considered a powerful single-target damage dealer.

Elrond (Parasite Stalker):

  • Deals decent damage and possesses unique survivability with evasion ability.

Angola (Heresy Stalker):

  • Can triple the damage dealt of his main skill.
  • Best single-target damage dealer in the game with crit rate ability.

Midas (Dark Guardian):

  • Deals AoE damage, provides a decent amount of shield, and decreases damage taken for all allies.

Gilda (Light Guardian):

  • Grants all allies shield and attack boost.
  • Can sacrifice own health to save a dying ally.

Hypnos (Dark Priest):

  • Heals, grants allies immunity to damage, dispels debuffs, and has unique sustainability by healing every turn while boosting defense.

Jacqueline (Empire Priest):

  • Ability to revive teammates.
  • Can heal a decent amount of damage and dispel debuffs.

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A-Tier: Strong Heroes

Holmas (Parasite Warrior):

  • Strong unit in both PvP and PvE.
  • Passive ability activates below 50% health and can inflict stun.

Isabelle (Heresy Warrior):

  • Undeniably one of the top attackers.
  • Can dispel buffs and inflict the [Blind] debuff.

Kana (Heresy Knight):

  • Deals huge AoE damage and dispels enemy buffs.
  • Unique sustainability with health gain every turn.

St. Marta (Heresy Astrologer):

  • Provides healing and damage boost.
  • Lifesteal ability targets two allies and requires high investment.

Posica (Parasite Priest):

  • Unique healing and sustainability by giving health and shield to two low-health allies.
  • Decreases their damage received.

Aryan (Empire Priest):

  • Sustains allies with continuous healing and debuff purging ability.

B-Tier: Average Heroes

Valena (Heresy Warrior):

  • Effective sub DPS in the arena targeting up to four enemies.
  • Situational usefulness in PvE.

Arachne (Dark Mage):

  • Average AoE unit with [Erosion] debuff and buff dispelling.

Solin (Empire Warrior):

  • Effective when paired with others relying on [Tendon Break] debuff.
  • Otherwise, an average unit on its own.

Porras (Light Mage):

  • Deals average damage and lacks buffs or decent debuffs.

Plato (Parasite Knight):

  • Deals average damage and lacks any significant debuffs.

Belladona (Empire Messenger):

  • Has a unique burst ability but lacks enhancement with crit bonus.

Iset (Empire Messenger):

  • Low damage dealer with no unique buffs or debuffs.

C-Tier: Below Average Heroes

Jania (Light Stalker):

  • Scattered damage output, making her unable to burst enemies down.

Milia (Empire Stalker):

  • Has a crit rate buff but lacks damage.

Nilgarna (Dark Messenger):

  • Decent damage only if allies die.

Lucia (Heresy Messenger):

  • Deals average damage and is less effective unless teamed up with other Heresy heroes.

Cassia (Parasite Priest):

  • Can only heal one ally and is not suitable for mages and messengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any S-Tier heroes. Am I doomed?

While S-Tier heroes are powerful, the game is far from unbeatable without them. A-Tier and B-Tier heroes can still be incredibly effective when properly geared and strategically paired.

Why is Milia in C-Tier? Her buffs seem great!

Her buffing abilities are definitely helpful, she lacks the raw damage output to be truly effective on her own. She works best when paired with strong DPS heroes who can capitalize on her buffs.

Who should I pair Aether with?

She thrives in teams that can maximize her critical hits and attack buffs. Look for heroes like Lydia and Elrond who benefit from high crit rate, or consider support heroes like Gilda and Hypnos who can keep her alive and deal damage.

Will this Whisper of Shadow tier list still be relevant in future?

Future updates and balance changes can definitely shake things up. Our Whisper of Shadow tier list might not be perfect, but it should give you a good starting point for navigating the ever-changing meta.

That’s all for today! Remember, the real power lies in your own knowledge, strategy, and the heroes you choose to wield.

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