Whisper of Shadow Codes CDKey March 2024: All gift codes

Are you feeling stuck in the Shadow Zone? Finding it hard to tackle the darkness creeping in? Our Whisper of Shadow codes for March 2024 will rescue you in this situation.

By redeeming these codes you will be able to get plenty of freebies, level up your heroes faster, and become the ultimate champion.

So, here’s our active list of Whisper of Shadow codes!

New Whisper of Shadow codes for March 2, 2024

These are the active Whisper of Shadow codes that you can redeem today.

  • happy2024 – Get Free Rewards!
  • 80008201N8H2XYF – Get Summon Crystal x3, Diamond x100, Elite Soul (Light) x60
  • 2023christmas – Get Summon Crystal x3, Diamond x100, Elite Soul (Light) x60

Old Whisper of Shadow CDKey

  • 80007201W2SLW2W
  • 80006401E42IAYA
  • 80004901UHJS1RW
  • 8000490145G1JRY
  • 800049018S1PM7R
  • 80004901L6B6DLH
  • 80004901RP376PK
  • 80004901IL6EWGZ
  • 80004901F1JMUE9
  • 80004901XG271V5
  • 80004901XPNHQX9
  • 80004901UXN21PS
  • 800056016XYBGLK
  • 800048019AKAW54
  • 800040015GMV3PL
  • DISzw3S6RkF
  • welcome
  • 20xdraws
  • awakener
  • FBwossshadow
  • 80002501CBR77CZ
  • 80002501GT1Z8L4
  • 80002501F51QQR7
  • 80002501RHMCS1H
  • 80002501JY58JPN
  • 8000250118U751M
  • 80002501ZMU5ZJE
  • 80002501EFDULBP
  • 80002501BQS9Y52
  • 80002501H65VLJJ
  • 800021019VT4NMG
  • 80002101NY7ME6H
  • 800021018GA1W4Q
  • 80002101XMUG4PX
  • 80002101VWLD2MI
  • 80002101IDVS5LC
  • 800021013KAZZ1Y
  • 80002101CFE5NYE
  • 80002101GVT6QR6
  • 800021013ILUY83
  • 80001801X443BAD
  • 800018019F8J9TN
  • 80001801XLZ9U52
  • 80001801SFR3BH6
  • 800018016XGVCT9
  • 80001801VN1T736
  • 80001801G7YZHPU
  • 80001801PFB5N16
  • 80001801GXV3I1L
  • 80001801HJD6XJ
  • 2023halloween
  • 80001101F7MY6AM
  • 80001101B1S5JD2
  • 80001101LNKC73M
  • 80001101ZZDNVS6
  • 80001101P3MVLBU
  • 80001101AL2P4LH
  • 80001101N66Q2TA
  • 80001101J1ZYDHE
  • 80001101IXQH3ET
  • 80001101RDZTP3W
  • 80000801JTD9QD7
  • 800008014GZXH5A
  • 80000801NQZNV97
  • 80000801G4XMRCR
  • 80000801E17YU95

Redeeming Whisper of Shadow gift codes on mobile

You can redeem Whisper of Shadow gift codes by following these steps:

  1. Launch the Whisper of Shadow game on your mobile.
  2. Tap on the Support icon on the main screen.
  3. Now tap on the CDKey button this will open the code redemption menu.
  4. Type in the coupon code in the empty text box.
  5. Finish it off by tapping on the Redeem icon.

About Whisper of Shadow

Whisper of Shadow is a dark and thrilling roguelike adventure mobile game by Kingame Studio where you rise as the saviour in a world consumed by shadows.

As the main protagonist, you’ll have to delve into treacherous dungeons, battle demonic forces, and uncover secrets buried deep within. Every decision holds weight, offering boons or curses, as you forge your path through this unforgiving world.

You can even gather, train, and build your team of heroes. Upgrade their skills and gear and use them to face the growing darkness and reclaim light for humanity.

See if you are ready to explore a vast open world of darkness, with locations like the Magma Temple and Boreal Furnace.

Stay tuned for updates on new Whisper of Shadow codes – we’ll keep this list fresh, so make sure to bookmark it and revisit it later for the latest additions.

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