Whisper of Shadow Beginner’s Guide: Free Energy, Mob Dispel, & More

Whisper of Shadow is so dark that it will snatch your soul and maybe even a few hours of sleep!

But fear not! We won’t let you solo trek through the creepy woods. I’m here with an updated Whisper of Shadow beginner’s guide, giving you the knowledge and tricks to survive and thrive in the shadowy world of this popular mobile game.

Without ado, let’s get started with this beginner’s guide.

Basic Information

The information in this section might seem basic to many of you, but I’ve included it because I once found this fundamental knowledge to be elusive. Feel free to ask if there’s any additional information you believe should be included in this section!

Level UP System

In Whisper of Shadow, players can intentionally delay their level-up by withholding experience up to three times. Levelling up in this game grants you a ‘Buff Altar‘ named ‘Warborn,’ which provides a 25% boost in Attack (ATK) and Defense (DEF) and fully restores your units’ HP to 100%.

This strategic choice can prove valuable when facing certain bosses, as defeating parts or minions of the boss can make the battle easier, enabling your party to launch another attack after the boss has significantly weakened.

Note: This is currently the sole mechanism that enables players to revive their units.

Mob Dispel

It allows you to instantly defeat normal mobs, although you still need to tap them individually. To activate Normal Dispel, you must kill a normal mob during the first turn.

UPDATE: Following the update on 09/11/2023, elite mobs can now be dispelled after being defeated in a single turn.

How to get free energy

You can receive up to 10 energy gifts from your friends every day. To claim or send your energy, follow the step-by-step visual instructions below.

How to upgrade a building remotely

I used to be unaware of this method and used to manually approach each building for upgrades. Here’s a simpler way:

  • Tap “Storage
  • Tap “Manage

Now you can freely select the building you wish to upgrade!

Note: Upgrading buildings at level 10 or higher requires additional materials.

Should you avoid elite mobs?

Yes, especially if you believe your current altar is not up to par. However, elite mobs can also serve as a valuable test to determine your readiness for boss battles.

If you find elite mobs challenging, it’s best to spend some time grinding at lower levels to strengthen your character before taking on the boss.

Is it safe to challenge Mimic (Cannibal Box) or Crystal Guard?


Challenging the Mimic is generally safe, but if you lack sufficient firepower, there’s a chance the Mimic may flee once the 10th turn comes to an end.

Crystal Guard

Challenging the Crystal Guard is a risky endeavour because they possess both high-damage capabilities and the ability to stun your units. Unless you have a Tyrant Altar, it’s best to approach this encounter with caution. Crystal guard may also flee once the 10th turn comes to an end.

Gameplay Strategy

This section will cover everything related to gameplay, including altar selection and team composition.

Must Have Altar

  • Dispel Charm – 100% chance to Dispel 2 Buff from all enemies at the start of each turn.
  • Holy Cleanse – Purifies 2 Debuffs from all allied Falleners at the start of each turn.
  • Ward Charm – All allied Falleners gain [Tyrant] at the start of each turn.
  • Courage Guard – All allied Falleners gain 4 stacks of [Courage Guard] at battle start. It increases DMG by 40%.

Altar If You Lack Damage

  • Bright Sword
  • Magic Tome
  • Storm Hammer and/or Arrow Shower and/or Thundercall
  • Blue Devil
  • Serrated Blade
  • Stormblade
  • Power Loop

It’s important to note that you should avoid selecting too many altars from the ‘If you lack damage’ category, as it can make it difficult to obtain or maximize the level of ‘Must Have’ category altars.


The best strategy to ensure your ‘Must Have‘ altars reach their maximum level is to, whenever you acquire a ‘Must Have’ category altar on a floor, refrain from using your ‘Selection Altar‘ until you’ve utilized all available ‘Upgrade Altars‘ on that floor.

This is because the more altars you have, the lower the chance of upgrading your desired altar, as the ‘Upgrade Altar’ will randomly select an altar for enhancement.

In the early stages, players should choose the Storm Hammer and Arrow skills. These selections will help you clear boss minions quickly and enhance your area-of-effect (AoE) damage

Echoing Altar

An Echoing Altar is a bonus altar that activates when you activate two maximum-level buff altars of a buff set. These altars typically grant significant bonuses that can greatly assist you in defeating bosses.

You can identify a buff set by checking the text below the altar description.



There are two primary ways to acquire a substantial number of coins. The first method is through the Ruins Chest, which requires the completion of specific missions, granting you 100,000 coins daily.

The second way is by obtaining them through bounty completions. The number of coins you receive depends on the level and quality of the bounty. Higher-level and higher-quality bounties offer significantly more coins than the Ruins Chest.


It’s not impossible to farm diamonds through dungeon grinding, as they can occasionally drop after you search on portal or vortex tiles. However, there’s a strategy to efficiently farm diamonds by grinding lower-level dungeons.

Simply select a small number of altars, or even just one altar, and maximize its level. Then, focus on picking all the ‘Upgrade Altar‘ options while ignoring the ‘Selection Altar‘ choices.

This way, you can earn 20 diamonds every time you use an ‘Upgrade Altar’ while keeping all your altars at their maximum level.

Fallener Crystal

The most effective strategy to farm Fallener Crystals is to choose a dungeon level where you can effortlessly defeat the boss, even without a proper altar set, as these bosses drop a significant amount of Fallener Crystals.

Additionally, consider tackling Crystal Guards for additional Fallener Crystals.

Boss Battle

Boss battles aren’t always easy, and there are instances where the boss can wipe out your team too quickly. In such situations, it’s essential to consider two main factors: the boss’s faction and the boss’s skill.

Faction Counter

The boss’s faction has a significant impact on your team. If the boss’s faction counters your faction, the boss will deal 25% more damage. To better understand faction counters, I’ve included a picture below.

Boss Skill

The first aspect to consider regarding the boss’s skills is their primary damage type – whether they deal physical or magic damage. This knowledge will help you determine whether to choose a Knight or Guardian unit as your tank.

Next, you should examine the altars associated with the boss, including those that inflict or grant burn effects. To counter these, you should refer to the altar selection section of this guide.

Lastly, it’s crucial to check whether the boss possesses a passive skill that makes them stronger under certain conditions, such as having a specific unit faction on your team or by eliminating their minions or body parts.

Heal Shared & Lifesteal

As many of you are aware, St. Marta can provide lifesteal and a heal-sharing buff to her allies. (It’s worth noting that Gildor can also provide lifesteal to all allies, but for this subsection, we’ll focus on St. Marta due to her Heal Shared buff.)

To make the most of these two buffs, the unit granting them must take their turn before any other unit. This means they need to have higher speed because you want your DPS units to use their main skill while benefiting from the lifesteal buff.

This concept also applies to healers, as the Heal Shared buff effectively amplifies the healing they provide. I’ve included a picture below to help you better understand the Heal Shared buff.

That’s just a taste of the shadowy goodies you’ll find in this guide! Remember, this is just the beginning. The Whisper of Shadow is full of secrets, hidden strategies, and enough loot to collect.

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