How to Get Dragon Blessed & Dragon Spear in Lee RPG

The new Roblox game called Lee RPG offers an incredible chance to wield the power of dragons in its fascinating universe. In this game, the Dragon Blessing and the Dragon Spear are two highly sought-after items that will drastically improve your chances of dominating the game.

Today, we’re diving deep into how you can obtain Dragon Blessed & Dragon Spear in Lee RPG. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Get Your Resources On Fleek

To kick off your dragon journey, you got to stack up on some serious silver and food. Silver is the name of the game when it comes to currency, so get your hustle on by completing quests, crushing opponents, or selling off rare items you come across. The more silver you score, the faster you’ll progress.

Food is crucial for obtaining both the Dragon Blessing and the Dragon Spear. You’ve got two tasty options here: farming those goblin baddies or hunting down some wicked sand onions. Take on those goblins and grab their meat, which you can cook up and chow down on later.

If you’re feeling adventurous, head into the wilderness and take out those sand onions to snatch their onions. These bad boys are like fuel for your dragon journey. Stock up on food so you can keep the momentum going strong!

Step 2: Obtaining the Dragon Blessing

After you’ve obtained a serious stash of silver and food. Now it’s time to go after that Dragon Blessing. Find the Dragon Blessing trainer, the one who holds the keys to this insane power-up. Follow the path laid out for you and brace yourself for any obstacles that come your way.

Once you reach the Dragon Blessing trainer, show off your dedication by offering up 2,000 silver and some amount of food. These resources are a symbol of your commitment to all things dragon, proving you’re worthy of the Dragon Blessing. The dragons will infuse you with their power in a mind-blowing ritual, giving you access to crazy skills and raising the bar on your gameplay.

Step 3: The Dragon Spear Progression

Now it’s time to set your sights on the legendary Dragon Spear. To unlock the Dragon Spear, seek out the Dragon Spear trainer. Prepare for a serious climb up a gnarly mountain that showcases the dragons’ might.

Once you’ve reached the top, show off your Dragon Blessing level one and drop 500 silver as proof of your dragon power. These offerings are like a rite of passage, proving you’re ready to claim the power of the Dragon Spear.

Step 4: Dragon Eye & Dragon Spear Skills

As you progress on your Dragon Spear journey, you’ll unlock some powerful skills and abilities. The first one, Dragon Eye, is all about leveling up your vision. Get this skill from the dragon trainer once you hit level 1 Dragon Blast and gather 2,000 silver. To reach that level, make sure to nurture and feed those adorable baby dragons in your care. They hold the key to unlocking this ability.

With Dragon Eye, you have the insane ability to view an NPC’s health bar. This completely changes the way you fight, I promise.

Step 5: Mastering the Dragon Spear

Now that you’ve obtained Dragon Eye, it’s time to step up your Dragon Spear game. Feed the food you’ve gathered along the way to your dragons. They become stronger as a result, and they develop a strong bond with you. This connection releases the Dragon Spear’s full potential, enabling you to unleash amazing attacks and defeat even the most dangerous enemies.

To level up your dragons faster, grind those onions and chow down on dragon hearts and dragon fruits. These give you massive XP boosts, making your dragons grow at lightning speed.

Step 6: Harnessing Dragon Skills

You’ll be able to use your Dragon Blessing and the Dragon Spear to access even more deadly skills. With the skill Dragon Blood, which destroys anyone who dares attack you. Need more defence? Having a constantly regenerating shield, Dragon Scales is worth a shot. Also, if you’re using a spear, Dragon Lungs allow you perform a less powerful but still great fire breath skill.

Try out these abilities, use them in your gameplay, and rule the Lee RPG universe.

By following this comprehensive guide, you will easily obtain the Dragon Blessing and Dragon Spear in Lee RPG.