Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List July 2024: Best Wands Guide

Ever feel overwhelmed by the wand choices thrown at you in the magical academy? Struggling to graduate past “Participation Trophy” status? Yeah, me too. That’s why I brewed up this Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List for your rescue.

After countless hours of grinding and diving deep into the intricacies of each Wand, I’ve compiled this tier list and insights for you.

Without ado, let’s get started!

Mind Over Magic Wand Tier List: All Wands ranked from S-tier to F-tier for July 2024

Remember: This wands tier list reflects our own subjective opinions, and the magical world is ever-evolving. Feel free to share your insights.

S-Tier – Air Wand I:

The top-notch wand right now with high multi-damage and stellar defence skills. Multistrike II can wreak havoc, especially when combined with bonuses from The Shattered and Raven Cult races. Shield of Wind I acts as a powerful defence, nullifying any single attack, though it can’t stack.

Tip: Perfect for early-game dominance, excelling in 1vs3 scenarios and efficient hauling tasks.

A-Tier – Earth Wand I:

Similar to the Air Wand, Earth Wand I offers medium burst damage and the best defence skill. Smash II deals single damage, and Earth Armor I provides a massive 60 Armor in a single turn, stackable for the next. Great for tanking and protecting allies.

Tip: Combine Air and Earth Wand users for a powerful duo, ensuring smooth stage clears.

B-Tier – Water Wand I:

Limited to two attack skills, lacking defence. Soak I lowers enemy attack and speed but consumes a hefty 40 mana. Torrent II deals a single attack with a bonus in the back row. Good for cleaning tasks.

Tip: Water Wand excels in cleaning tasks, but its attack skills fall short compared to higher tiers.

C-Tier – Lightning Wand I:

Featuring Recharge I for mana refills and Bolt II for single attacks, Lightning Wand I is suitable for boss fights. However, it falls short due to the need for two users to refill each other’s mana.

Tip: Primarily useful in summoning Gifted Students with two Lightning Wand users

D-Tier – Dark Wand I:

With Shadow Cloak I and a tentacle attack skill, Dark Wand I is limited to The Vivified and The Shattered races. The tentacle skill’s delayed damage output makes it less favourable.

Tip: Limited use and crafting might not be worthwhile due to a lack of crucial rituals or buildings.

E-Tier – Nature Wand I:

Featuring a spell skill (presumably for speed increase) and a low-damage attack skill, Nature Wand I falls short in combat effectiveness.

Tip: Necessary for mid-game tasks like operating Croneburg Pen, but not recommended for combat.

F-Tier – Fire Wand I:

Vengeance I provides a weak Retaliate effect, and Fireball II falls short in damage compared to other wands. Limited use in the Destroy task.

Tip: Considered one of the least useful wands; crafting may not be worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How relevant is this tier list for different game modes?

This wands tier list primarily focuses on PvE combat effectiveness, however, the tips touch on specific wands’ usefulness in tasks like clearing and boss fights.

Why is Air Wand I considered the top choice?

Air Wand I is the top choice because it’s a powerhouse: high multi-damage for quick kills, plus a “Shield of Wind” defense that nullifies any single attack, even big ones. It can even buff allies!

This makes it great for early-game dominance, solo play (even 1v3!), and hauling tasks.

Why is Fire Wand I considered the least useful?

Fire Wand is bad because: Retaliate barely scratches enemies, and Fireball is weaker than most attacks. No real use and only good for a useless task (Destroy). Other wands do everything Fire Wand does, but better.

That’s all for today! Hope this Mind Over Magic Wand tier list explanation provides you with a more balanced perspective.

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