[NEW] Omniheroes Tier List for May 2024 Meta: Best Heroes Guide

Omniheroes is an amazing casual RPG in which you play as an Omniguardian destined to defend the world from dangerous demons. The fate of this world rests in your hands, and summoning the best heroes from our Omniheroes tier list will be your path to salvation.

Omniheroes receives new updates and patches regularly, with some upgrades adding new characters. As a result, the die-hard gaming community is always trying to find out all of the character secrets.

Dorabella, Nawi, Macaria, Talanis, Mastema, and Anubia were added in the most recent update. But the real question is whether they can compete with the top tiers like Solomon and Persephone.

We’ve been grinding in the game since its first launch, which made it possible for us to put together an updated Omniheroes tier list for the current meta.

This tier list will help both newcomers and pros identify which characters are the real deal and worth mastering.

If you’re looking for more guides, our Hero Talents in Omniheroes – Omniheroes Hero Synergies guide – Omniheroes codes list can help.

Omniheroes Tier List Disclaimer

We’ve ranked all the Omniheroes characters, even the latest addition, in one handy tier list. We also took into account things like attack and crit rate, leech rate, speed, and how easily they can pull off high-damage combo attacks.

But, this tier list is all about opinions, so it’s a bit subjective! And don’t forget, every character’s got their strengths, so if you’re into Athena, go ahead and rock her!

Just because we think a character’s average doesn’t mean they’re rubbish.

Change logs: Added the new characters Macaria, Talanis, and Mastema into the S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier respectively on 15th December 2023!

Omniheroes Tier List for May 2024 (All characters ranked by Tier, Faction, & Role)

TierCharacterFaction Role
SNyxDeviants, RoyalsWarrior
AEudoraRoyals, CelestialsWarrior

Omniheroes Tier List FAQs, Answered

How often is the Omniheroes tier list updated?

We regularly update this Omniheroes tier list to reflect the changing meta, hero balancing, and new hero releases. Changes usually occur after significant game updates or balance changes.

How are the tiers defined?

We have used tiers like S, A, B, C, and D. Heroes in the S tier are the best and most versatile, while those in the D tier have limitations and require specific team setups to perform well.

Which is the single best character in Omniheroes?

As per our opinion, Nyx – Nightfall Queen is the best character in Omniheroes. She is a Warrior with strong synergies and versatility. Her skills are most powerful and PvP-focused.

Her Abyssal Jaws skill deals a massive 300% PDMG with a 10% chance of 10x damage. Deathbringer deals 120% PDMG with a chance for 10x damage in PvP.

Her passive skills, Dreamsteal and Sleepwalk, steal shields and swap basic attacks with Deathbringer. Her ATK increases with the CRIT RES Rate.

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