Ravenbound Traits Guide: Best traits in the game

Ever felt like a paper doll getting tossed around by enemies in Ravenbound? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But fear not, because Traits are here to change the game!

These passive abilities will be your secret weapon, giving you unique buffs and skills that can give you an edge in any battle. But with so many Traits to pick, where do you even begin?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This Ravenbound Traits guide will help you in this endeavour.

Ravenbound Traits Guide

Traits are passive abilities that significantly influence how you play the game. There are three types of Traits in Ravenbound: Folk Traits, Weapon Traits, and Standard Traits. Choosing the right Traits is crucial to optimize your gameplay and increase your chances of success. Experimenting with various Traits can open up a world of tactical gameplay opportunities.

The Traits that are accessible in the game are all listed in full below, along with descriptions of what each one accomplishes.

Berserker Trait

If you like to play the game aggressively, the Berserker Trait might be your best bet! This unique trait does not provide armour to you, but it does increase your health by 2% for every damage point your weapon deals. If you’re a true warrior, the Berserker Trait’s 400 cost might be worth it for you.

Dodger Trait

When the Frenzied effect is active, using a Perfect Dodge will not only reset the duration, but it will also increase by 50%. The Dodger Trait costs 300 to unlock. Trust me, this Trait can be incredibly useful in combat, allowing you to maintain a powerful buff for a longer period of time by effectively dodging attacks.

Painbringer Trait

It makes status effects on nearby enemies even more powerful. For every status effect that’s already affecting an enemy, the trait boosts its strength by 50%. This can be quite useful in fight as it enables you to defeat enemies quickly. To unlock, you’ll need to invest 400.

Calculating Trait

You got to pay 500 for this Trait. Basically, you’ll do half of the usual damage when your Surge is not active. But when your Surge is on, your Weapon Damage goes up by 300%!

Bloodfueled Trait

For just 550 you can grab the Bloodfueled Trait that increases your weapon damage by 0.5% for every point of missing health you have. Just remember to pay attention to your health bar!

Commanding Presence Trait

When you possess a Commanding Presence trait, you can use it to your advantage by Surging and inflicting Weakness on enemies who are close by. This ability comes at a cost of 200.

Death of a Thousand Cuts Trait

The Death of a Thousand Cuts trait causes a reduction of 30% in the amount of damage you can deal initially. However, it also increases the frequency of Multistrike attacks by 30%. This trait can be acquired at the cost of 600.

Parrier Trait

The Parrier Trait cost 300 and it also offers a little trade-off. Your health is reduced by 50%, while the guard health is severely damaged—by 70%. The good news is that you won’t get damage if you get a perfect guard. Pretty awesome, no?

Born of Blood Trait

Born of Blood trait is pretty decent. When your enemies are bleeding out nearby, your grey health won’t go down. If you’re into that type of stuff, it’s absolutely worth the 200 it costs to obtain.

Human Trait

Whenever you use up a card, you get an extra 50 Coins as a bonus. Moreover, there is no particular effort required to activate this trait. It is unlocked right away, at no cost.

Defensive Trait

This trait increases your armor by 15, allowing you to withstand more blows before being knocked out.. It’s already unlocked for you, no need to spend to get it.

Prey on the Weak Trait

When you attack a weakened enemy, your hits will be 33% stronger and can knock them off balance more easily. But you’ll have to spend 350 to use this Trait.

Twin Sword Specialist Trait

In Twin Sword Specialist trait, every time you draw a weapon card from the deck, it will be a card for a twin sword weapon. This trait has a cost of 400.

Greataxe Specialist Trait

If you have the Greataxe Specialist trait, every time you draw a weapon card from the deck, it will always be a Greataxe card. This trait costs 400.

Longsword Specialist Trait

When you pull a weapon card from the deck, the card will always be a longsword. And Longsword Specialist Trait costs 400.

Simlar Trait

With this Trait if you happen to use up a card, you’ll also get a boost of 1 Mana. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and this Trait only costs 300.

Ulvar Trait

Your weapon damage increases by 10% each time you deplete a card. And just so you know, it costs 300.

Aggressive Thrillseeker Trait

The 30% more critical hits are likely to be made while the Frenzied mode is active. But it will set you back 100.

Twin Axe Specialist Trait

When you draw a weapon card from the deck and if you have the Twin Axe Specialist trait, it will always be a Twin Axe weapon card.

Sword & Shield Specialist Trait

When you draw a weapon card from the deck, it shall always be a Sword & Shield Weapon Card.

How to pick best Traits in Ravenbound?

Choosing the right Traits in Ravenbound can be tough, but I can help you make good choices. Remember, Berserker, Dodger, and Bloodfueled are great for combat while Calculating Commanding Presence, and Defensive help in defense.

Greataxe, Longsword, and Sword & Shield Specialist traits guarantee weapon cards. Twin Sword, Twin Axe, and Simlar offer unique bonuses.