Second Piece Fruits Tier List July 2024: Best Demon Fruit!

I got to say that in the new Second Piece Roblox game, the devs did NOT disappoint with the variety of Demon Fruits!

This new game isn’t your average Blox Fruits rehash, these powers be wild and unique. But with so many options, any beginner pirate can get lost at sea.

That’s why I, your fellow captain (and totally not a fruit vendor), have compiled this Second Piece Fruits Tier List to help you make the best demon fruit selection!

Roblox Second Piece Fruits Tier List

This is just my personal opinion, based on my own observations and the rarity of each fruit. Feel free to disagree in the comments (but keep it civil)

SDark Flame, Quake, God Light
ALight, Flame
BSand, Smoke

Frequently Asked Questions

My fav fruit isn’t ranked where I think it should be! Why?

Remember, this is just one opinion! Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments, but keep it respectful.

Can I trade you my fruit for a higher tier one?

Unfortunately, this is just a discussion post, not a trading hub! Feel free to discuss fruits and trades in the comments, but remember to follow the game’s trading rules.

What’s your favorite Devil Fruit?

That’s a secret, but I can tell you it’s definitely not Light Fruit!

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