One Punch Man World tier list guide June 2024 (OPM World)

Been grinding since the global launch like a man possessed, and with enough frustration to make Saitama punch a wall, I’m here to drop the truth bomb: the One Punch Man World character tier list you NEED to see as of June 2024.

Forget those fancy YouTube reviews and tier lists made by “pros” who probably got every SSR with their first pull. This One Punch Man World tier list is for the real players, the ones who’ve experienced the actual grind.

In this guide, we’re going to dissect every character, from the lightning-fast Speed-O-Sonic to the surprisingly tanky Mumen Rider. No sacred cows, no mercy, just pure, unadulterated character tier list truth.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

One Punch Man World Tier List Wiki: Our best character picks

Editor’s Note: This tier list is based on current information available during the One Punch Man World June 2024 meta and is subject to change.

SonicSSHigh damage output, speed, and mobility. Excellent for solo play and clearing stages quickly.Hit-and-run, high speed attacks, dodging, countering
SaitamaSUnparalleled strength and one-shot potential. Limited use due to instant win condition.One-punch, situational due to immediate victory
Metal BatADevastating single-target damage, ignores defense, gains strength with each hit. Ideal for bosses and high-defense enemies.Brutal single-target focus, slow, vulnerable
GenosAHigh damage output, ranged attacks, self-destruct ultimate for burst damage. Strong in both solo and team play.Balanced offense and utility, ranged attacks, burst damage
Mumen RiderASurprisingly effective with high defense, counterattacks, and team buffs. Underrated but valuable in the right team.Tanky, counterattacks, strong team buffs, low individual damage
Puri-Puri PrisonerBSolid tank with high HP and AoE attacks, but lacks mobility and single-target damage compared to S-tiers.High HP, AoE attacks and heal, limited mobility and single-target
Atomic SamuraiBHigh single-target damage potential, but slow and vulnerable. Requires specific strategies to be effective.Devastating single-target, slow, vulnerable, precise timing
Golden BallBUnique ranged attacks and mobility, but weak damage output and limited utility. Can be situational but fun to play.Unique ranged attacks, high mobility, weak damage, situational
Lightning MaxCDecent AoE damage and speed, but easily outclassed by other characters. May shine in specific team compositions.Moderate AoE damage, high speed, easily outclassed, situational AoE focus

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best character in the One Punch Man World game?

There’s no single “best” character, as each hero excels in different situations and playstyles. S-tier characters like Sonic and Saitama have high damage and speed, but others like Mumen Rider or Puri-Puri Prisoner offer strong tanking and support.

Why is Saitama in S-Tier despite his one-shot limitation?

His instant win condition makes him incredibly powerful. But, his limited use due to this very ability prevents him from taking the top spot in this list.

Is this One Punch Man World tier list definitive?

No, we will most likely make minor changes in this tier list as more characters become available or new game updates.

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