RoBending Online Elements Tier List & Guide 2024!

Just spent the past week bending the heck out of everything in the new RoBending Online game on Roblox, and let me tell you, this game is FIRE (pun intended). If you’re a fellow Avatar nerd like me and been craving a good online bending game, THIS. IS. IT.

I’m no Guru Pathik, but I’ve been bending these elements for a very long. So, if you’re ready to take your bending to the next level, here’s my first post on all the elements in the game.

RoBending Online Elements Tier List

RoBending Online Elements Tier List

Air Element Moves: (Tier 1)

  • Z: Air Punch
  • X: Air Sphere
  • C: Tornado Punch
  • W + W: Air Scooter
  • R: Air Slash
  • T: Air Blast
  • G: Air Pull
  • H: Air Slice
  • K: Air Tornadoes

Earth Element Moves: (Tier 2)

  • Z: Earth Rock
  • X: Earth Knockout
  • C: Earth Wall
  • U: Rock Barrage
  • Double Space: Rock Launch
  • T: Earth Kick
  • G: Boulder Kick
  • H: Earth Punch
  • K: Earth Smash

Fire Element Moves: (Tier 3)

  • Z: Fire Punch
  • X: Fire Blast
  • C: Fire Breathing
  • V: Fire Slash
  • T: Fire Wall
  • R: Fire Ring
  • G: Fire Stream
  • H: Fire Missiles
  • K: Fire Jet

Water Element Moves: (Tier 4)

  • Z: Water Drop
  • X: Water Knockout
  • C: Ice Shield
  • U: Water Pull
  • T: Ice Spears
  • R: Water Bullets
  • G: Water Surf
  • H: Water Wave
  • K: Ice Spikes

You need to choose your element wisely, as swapping later requires a new slot. Keep in mind that Sub-element skills unlock at level 60, but you’ll need to chat it up with the element master to make it happen.

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