Roblox Type Soul Shikai Tier List | Best Shikai in 2024

As a lost soul seeking a path in the afterlife, you have a chance to become a soul reaper and gain Shikai abilities. This Type Soul Shikai tier list can help you learn the various Shikai abilities available and their relative strength levels.

Before diving into the actual Type Soul tier list, you must note that once you select a race, it becomes permanent unless you manage to find a rare Soul Ticket and reset your choice. So choose wisely!

Now, let’s dive into the tiers:

Type Soul Shikai Tier List (Updated)

Remember, this Type Soul tier list is designed to offer a general overview of the relative power levels of different Shikai. You must consider your own playstyle, preferences, and potential synergies with other abilities when making your choice.

Tier S – Unleashing the Pinnacle:

Shikai residing within S-tier possess unparalleled power that can shake the very fabric of the afterlife.

  • Blood Shikai
  • Berserk Shikai

Tier A – Elite Excellence:

Shikai in the A-tier showcase exceptional strength and versatility.

  • Flame Shikai
  • Confusion Shikai
  • Water Shikai
  • Ice Shikai

Tier B – Versatile Vigor:

Shikai housed within the B-tier manifest solid power and offer reliable utility.

  • Ink Shikai
  • Shadow Shikai
  • Lighting Shikai

Tier C – Foundation Forged:

C-tier Shikai form the bedrock of a soul reaper’s power. They provide entry-level abilities, serving as a stepping stone for aspiring reapers to hone their skills.

  • Creation Shikai
  • Wind Shikai

Which is the best Shikai in Type Soul for current meta?

best shikai in Type Soul
Image by Clashiverse

It’s difficult to pick the best Shikai in Type Soul. Each Shikai has special abilities that are tailored to specific battle conditions. The Flame Shikai, however, possesses a variety of deadly abilities, which are worth discussing.

Among the abilities of Flame Shikai, Kaen (Z) allows you to apply pressure with a cone-shaped attack and inflict a burning effect on opponents. Entei (X) grants the ability to perform an uppercut and follow it up with a spinning assault, creating potential for deadly combos. Additionally, Boren (C) empowers you to summon a pillar of flame, launching the closest opponent into the air and dealing heavy damage.

So, there you have it—the Type Soul Shikai tier list. For more Roblox content, check out the new Vizard guide, Vasto Lorde guide, Type Soul Resurrección Guide, Type Soul Bankai Tier List and Roadman Odyssey Tier List guide.