Voxlblade Tier List [NEW] (Best Races Guide for Beginners!)

Voxlblade game is insane — your sword turns into all sorts of crazy stuff.

And you even get to pick your character from a whole bunch of different races, each with their own special perks. There are talking speedy Humans, giant Orks who love to smash things — basically, everyone’s ready to wreck face with their fancy swords.

So, I made a Voxlblade tier list to see which race are best for beginners. Let’s see who’s going to be the ultimate sword champion!

Roblox Voxlblade Tier List — Best Races Wiki

Swords are more than just weapons in Voxlblade, they’re powerhouses of epicness. But remember, this Voxlblade tier list is purely based on my personal opinion.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our new Voxlblade tier list.

Voxlblade (Tier-S)


Half-Orks are the burly and boisterous bunch in Voxlblade. They are known for their brute strength and bad temper. With a passive ability that adds an additional 0.05+ physical damage type to their weapon, Half-Orks pack an extra punch in their swings.

They are capable of dealing some massive damage whether they are using a sword or an axe.


Elves are the majestic and regal race in Voxlblade. One of the things that sets Elves apart is their magical skills and abilities. With their elegant demeanor and innate aptitude for spellcasting, they are the envy of many. Elves have a unique ability to cast powerful spells on their enemies that can change the course of a battle.

They also have a unique passive ability that gives them a 40% rune cooldown reduction.

Voxlblade (Tier-A)


The Dragon-Blooded, who are renowned for their incredible skills, are the proud descendants of the legendary and powerful Dracos. However, it seems that their draco blood is gradually losing its strength with each passing generation, like a fading magical recipe.

But hey, they’re not ones to back down easily! With their +0.5 Warding and Protection, along with their heat and cold resistance, they’re still a mighty force on the battlefield.


Orks are mainly about strength and power, but they’re not exactly known for their subtlety. In fact, their impulsive nature often leads them to some hilarious mishaps. As a secluded race, Orks keep to themselves and only the strongest among them are considered worthy.

With their passive ability, Orks gain an additional +0.02 physical damage type to their weapon, making their strikes even more powerful. Plus, their Tenacity is off the charts, with a base +0.2 boost and an additional +0.1 for each active buff.

Dark Elf

Dark Elves are the enigmatic beings in Voxlblade. They are said to have origins shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that one of their ancestors was charged with hex energy, and when they had children, the hex energy passed down to their offspring. These Dark Elves are now a powerful force on the battlefield as they wield their blades with a hint of hex magic.

There is a slight possibility that when Dark Elves attack an opponent, their hex energy will activate and perform a random debuff. It’s like a surprise gift of misfortune that keeps their foes on their toes!


Arborians are the nature-loving warriors in Voxlblade game. These tree-like beings are not to be underestimated, as they use their druidic powers to protect all life with their tough bark and unique abilities.

With a massive 100% fire defense, they can handle the hottest of battles without breaking a sweat. Plus, with their regenerative abilities in the sun, they’ll be standing tall even after taking a beating.

High Elf

High Elves in Voxlblade are the top-tier elven tribe, boasting a wealth of knowledge and an arrogant demeanor to match. Their outstanding intelligence, though, isn’t just for show; it also influences how well they fight.

With their passive ability, High Elves can reduce weapon art cooldowns by 25%, allowing them to unleash powerful moves more frequently.

Voxlblade (Tier-B)


Despite being viewed as weak by other races, Human race in Voxlblade are known for their unwavering determination and desire for wealth and prestige.

Their passive ability grants them a 15% damage reduction and damage boost when below 50% HP, showing that they can tap into their inner strength when pushed to their limits.


The Kitsune, known for their nomadic lifestyle and constantly being on the move, are a race of cunning and swift warriors in Voxlblade. Their natural agility grants them a +2 Jump Boost, allowing them to reach new heights, and a 10% Movement Speed boost to zoom through battles with lightning-fast speed.

And if that isn’t enough, Kitsune also get a +0.1 boost to their overall attack speed, making them more agile when it comes to fighting with opponents.

Voxlblade Races Tier List FAQ’s

Q: Are all races equally balanced in Voxlblade?

A: The balance of races may vary depending on the game’s updates and patches. You must always keep an eye out for any new announcements on this website that will have an effect on the balance.

Q: Can I play Voxlblade without choosing a race?

A: No, choosing a race is an essential part of character creation in Voxlblade game. Each race has its own abilities and traits that can significantly impact gameplay.

Q: Can I use any weapon as any race in Voxlblade?

A: Yes, races in Voxlblade are not limited to specific weapons. You can choose any weapon you prefer and use it with your chosen race.