Roblox Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide (2024)

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to unlock the power of the Soul Reaper with a Shikai in the new Roblox Peroxide game. I’ll walk you through the process of transforming from a mere human to a powerful Soul Reaper, step by step.

I’ll be focused on mid-game progression, so I’ll give you ideas on how to best utilize your potential and set the groundwork for you to master the game.

So, if you’re ready to become a badass Soul Reaper, then let’s get started!

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Becoming a Soul Reaper in Roblox Peroxide

As you first spawn into the world of Peroxide, you’ll find yourself in the form of a humble human. To initiate your transformation into a Soul Reaper, make your way to the key skate shop and interact with Eastgate. Your path to harness the power of the supernatural begins at this crucial juncture.

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Understanding Your Stats

Stats Window in Roblox Peroxide
Stats Window in Roblox Peroxide

Right, before we get into the technical details of your Soul Reaper progression, let’s familiarize ourselves with the game’s essential stats. Press the ‘M‘ key to open your stats menu, where you’ll find Agility, Reiatsu, Spirit, Strength, and Vitality. You’ll also see your potential and experience bars here, which show how you’re progressing.

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  • Agility: Unleash your Flash Step at 10 Agility, gradually improving its range.
  • Reiatsu: Manage your stamina-like resource, vital for executing skills.
  • Spirit: Boost the ability of your magical abilities and extend mode durations.
  • Strength: Enhance your M1 attack and physical move damage.
  • Vitality: Fortify your defense against threats.

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The Art of Training

If you want to level up, you’ve got to hit the dojo. It’ll cost you 30 quid for a 15-minute session, but it’s worth it. And if you’re a Soul Reaper, you should definitely check out Soul Society Dojo. They’ve got five mini-games that’ll help you boost your stats quickly.

  • Agility: Treadmill challenges your reflexes.
  • Vitality: Bench press requires precision.
  • Spirit: Mat games demand quick key presses.
  • Reiatsu: Flow mat game tests your coordination.
  • Strength: Dummies teach you timing and power.

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Exploring the Marketplace

You’ve got to gear up if you want to succeed. There’s a load of stuff out there to help you on your way, like:

  • Eye Patch: Increases Spirit and Reacts while regenerating.
  • Training Items: Enhance Agility, Strength, and Vitality for overnight progression.
  • Soul Drinks: Temporarily boosts experience gain.
  • Soul Guards: Fill with Hollow kills and trade for rewards.
  • Kisuke’s Offerings: Win battles to upgrade stats.

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Unveiling Your Shikai Form

Once you’ve hit level 15, you’ll be able to unlock your Shikai form. Just hit ‘N‘ to meditate and collect orbs for half an hour. Then, you’ll have to face your Shikai boss in a tough battle.

Make sure your stats, especially Strength and Vitality, are maxed out for the best chance of winning. Once you’ve defeated your boss, you can call out your Shikai’s name and unleash your newfound powers!

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Mastering Your Skills

If you want to be a top-tier Soul Reaper, you’re going to need to master these essential skills:

  • Cyclone: This is a great move for extending combos in both PvP and PvE situations. Just keep spinning and slashing until your opponent is a bloody pulp.
  • Lunge: You can quickly narrow the gap between you and your opponent using this move. If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, it’s also useful for busting open doors.
  • Slash Bros: This is a versatile combo extender that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s especially effective when combined with Cyclone.
  • Zanpakuto Raiden: This is an optional skill that’s unlocked after you obtain Shikai. It’s a powerful attack that can deal a lot of damage, but it also has a long cooldown.

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Wrapping it All Up

We’re near the end of this guide. From human to Soul Reaper, and from training to skills, you have got the lowdown on all things Roblox Peroxide Soul Reaper. If you found this helpful, give us a like down below and share it with your friends – let them know the score.

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