Roblox Shuudan Guide & Wiki for beginners (2024)

Welcome to our newest Roblox Shuudan Guide, In today’s post we will discuss in detail about Game Controls, Character Personalities, Player Trainings in Shuudan. Apart from this, we will also cover how to increase your stats points and give you some defense tips and tricks.

So come and take a look at this Shuudan Guide.

Roblox Shuudan Guide

Game Controls

Here are the player controls in Roblox Shuudan:

  • W: Jog
  • W + Shift: Sprint
  • Sprint + Q: Slide
  • G: Guarding
  • F: Pass Ping
  • Z: Dribble Left
  • X: Dribble Front
  • C: Dribble Right
  • V: Dribble Back
  • Dribble Keys + M2: Dribble Skill
  • Left Control: Shot Type/Style
  • E: Pass
  • E + Mouse Near Teammate: Auto Aimed Pass
  • R: OverHead
  • M1 + Jump: Header
  • Hold M1: Charge Shot
  • Release M1: Shoot

Here are the goalie controls in Roblox Shuudan:

  • Space: Dive Up
  • Space + A: Dive Left
  • Space + D: Dive Right
  • Left Click: Corner Dive Left
  • Right Click: Corner Dive Right

Roblox Shuudan Character Personalities Guide


If your player has an ambition personality type in this game, it means they you have a strong desire to do or achieve something. This can be a positive trait to have, as it can drive you to succeed and win. It is likely that you are competitive and want to come out on top in any situation. Having ambition can be beneficial for any build in the game, as it can give you the determination to push through challenges and overcome obstacles.

You may also receive a small stat boost if your team is winning, which can help give you an edge in gameplay. So if you have ambition, don’t let it hold you back! Use it to your advantage and aim for victory.


If you have a controversy player personality type, it means you tend to cause disagreement or strife, particularly when it is prolonged, public, and heated. This can be a double-edged sword in the game, as it may make you unpredictable and difficult for your opponents to defend against, but it may also lead to conflict or tension with your teammates. Your methods of passing and shooting may also be perceived as bizarre or unconventional, which can either work to your advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation.

It’s important to remember that while causing controversy may be entertaining, it’s also important to consider the impact it may have on your team and the game as a whole. Use your controversy personality type wisely and always strive to find a balance.


Skilled at using persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something. This can be a valuable trait to have in the game, particularly for defensive builds. As a pressure player, you may have the ability to block shots right in front of a shooter, which can be a key tactic in preventing goals and maintaining your team’s lead. Just be careful not to let the pressure get to you and affect your performance negatively in the game.


As a sportsmanship personality player, you may receive a slight buff to your pass power and accuracy. This can help you make more accurate and effective passes to your teammates, which can be crucial in setting up scoring opportunities and maintaining possession.


Players with this personality type tend to behave angrily or emotionally on the field. This can be a useful trait to have in the game, particularly for aggressive defensive builds. You may be particularly effective at disrupting your opponents attacks. Just be careful not to let your emotions get the best of you and negatively impact your performance or team dynamic.

Lone Wolf

As a lone wolf player, your build may receive a buff to a specific stat depending on the category of your build. This can give you an edge in gameplay and help you stand out from the rest of your team. It can also help you excel at individual tasks such as marking an opponent.


As a greed player, you may have the ability to steal from your teammates. Just be careful not to let your greed get the best of you and negatively impact your relationships with your teammates.

Sore Loser

Player gets easily angered by losing a game or contest. As a sore loser player, losing a game may gradually increase your stats for a period of time. This can give you an extra boost to help you bounce back and perform better in your next match.

Rational Thinker

As a rational thinker player, you may receive a slight buff to your control stat. This can help you have better control over the ball and make more precise and accurate passes and shots. Use your rational thinker personality type to your advantage and strive to make informed and strategic decisions on the field.

Next in this Roblox Shuudan guide is about player trainings.

Player Trainings Guide

When you’re ready to increase your Stat Points, you have three different training options to choose from. Each of these options can help you improve in different areas and become a stronger player. So which one will you choose? The decision is yours!


The treadmill is a great way to train your Speed and Stamina in the game. When you level it up, you’ll receive a boost to both of these stats. Specifically, you’ll see an increase of .2 in your Speed and 2.5 in your Stamina. These boosts can help you become a faster and more endurance-based player, giving you an edge in gameplay. So if you’re looking to improve your Speed and Stamina, be sure to put in some time on the treadmill!

Bench Press

The Bench Press is a great way to boost your Power and Defense in the game. You’ll see an increase of 1 in your Power and .5 in your Defense. These boosts can help you become a stronger and more defensive player, giving you an advantage in gameplay. So if you’re looking to improve your Power and Defense in Shuudan, be sure to hit the Bench Press and pump some iron!


Improve your Jump and Defense stats by performing Squats in the training room. Each time you do, you’ll receive a boost of .5 in both areas. With a little effort, you’ll be ready to soar on the field!

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How to defend in Roblox Shuudan?

Defending in this game can be a crucial aspect of your strategy. When an opposing player is about to shoot, you can use your hitbox to try and block or deflect the ball. Depending on the distance between you and the shooter, you may be able to disrupt their shot and reduce the power and trajectory of the ball.

You can also use your hitbox to slow down players who are dribbling, making it harder for them to advance. By being mindful of these tactics, you can help protect your goal and give your team an advantage in gameplay.

Remember, good defense is the best offense! Or at least that’s what they always say. So get out there and make sure those opponents know they’re not welcome in your territory!

That’s all for this Roblox Shuudan guide & wiki. I hope this guide will helped you up your game and become a more strong opponent on the field.