Fire Force Online abilities tier list: Best ability in 2024

To become a skilled player in Fire Force Online game, mastering abilities is essential. You need to spend time understanding the moves of each and every ability and mastering the combos.

But which ability to master first? To help you pick and start with the best option I’ve curated this Fire Force Online abilities tier list. In this, we have ranked all the abilities from Tier S to Tier D based on their effectiveness in one-on-one combat.

So, let’s find out where you favorite ability ranks in this tier list.

Fire Force Online abilities tier list

Keep in mind that the Fire Force Online abilities tier list given in this guide is based on our own personal combat experience. It is meant to be a helpful guide for players who wish to understand the value of different abilities in the game.

Tier A

In the A tier, we have abilities that are strong and effective in almost any scenario.

  • Gun: With shotgun, sniper, and AR variants, Gun offers a range of options. Its versatility and decent damage make it a reliable choice for many.
  • Liberation Fists: When paired with the right augments, Liberation Fists become a mighty force. Offering hyper and super armor moves, it can dish out solid damage and break through enemy defenses.
  • Grand Hands: Known for its high damage output and easy combos, Grand Hands can be quite effective. It doesn’t require complex maneuvers, making it a suitable choice for players seeking a straightforward playstyle.

Tier B

In the B tier, we have abilities that are still viable but may require more finesse in combat.

  • Pile Bunker: It can provide tremendous damage thanks to its hyper and super armor, but it lacks simple combos. Players who have mastered its techniques and timing can only use it successfully.
  • Sakura: Wields a special time-stopping move that can surprise opponents. It can be difficult to reliably strike the time stop, though.
  • Axe n’ Gun: Offering range attacks and guard break moves, Axe n’ Gun has a mix of offensive and defensive options.

Tier C

In the C tier, we have abilities that may be less effective compared to higher-tier choices.

  • Shield: While offering hyper armor moves, Shield can be easily countered with proper timing. It requires more precision to use effectively compared to other abilities.
  • Sickle: After a recent nerf, Sickle’s damage output has become lackluster. It still has some strong moves, but overall, it may not be as impactful in combat as higher-tier abilities.

Tier D

In the D tier, we have abilities that may struggle to compete with other options.

  • Sputter: Sputter’s guard breaks and damage output are weaker compared to higher-tier abilities. While still usable, it may not be as effective in one-on-one combat.

This brings us to the end of the Fire Force Online ability tier list. You will surely gain vital insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each skill after reading this guide.

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How was the Fire Force Online abilities tier list compiled?

It is based on our own firsthand battle experience in the game. Each ability was tested in one-on-one combat settings, with criteria like as damage output, combo potential, and overall success taken into account.

Should I always choose abilities from the top tiers?

No, not always. Each ability has its own set of strengths. It is vital to select an ability that matches your style.

How can I practice and improve my combat skills?

To improve your combat traits, join training modes, train with friends, or take part in regular battles with other players.