Roblox Fire Force Online Abilities Guide & Wiki 2024

Whether you find yourself controlling fiery infernos as a Generation 2 or wielding powerful weapons in Generation 1, this comprehensive Fire Force Online abilities guide is your ultimate resource for mastering the unique powers of your generation.

In this Fire Force Online guide, we’ll reveal the skills of each generation that will help you dominate in every battle.

So, get ready to ignite your journey towards greatness in Fire Force Online! Let’s dive in and unlock the true potential of your unique ability!

Roblox Fire Force Online Abilities Guide

Once you spawn in the game, you’re classified into one of three generations.

  • Generation 1: These individuals have the option to become infernals or wield a weapon of their choice, such as a powerful shield.
  • Generation 2: If you belong to this generation, you have the ability to control fire, but you’ll need a source like a fuel-infused weapon, such as a fiery sickle.
  • Generation 3: Those from Generation 3 are capable of releasing fire directly from their muscles, displaying their terrifying strength like the deadly Devil’s Foot.

Let’s go deeper into these unique generations:

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Axe n’ Gun

The Axe n’ Gun ability combines brute force with exact shooting skills. These are the best moves for this ability:

  • Momentous Slash: When you activate Momentous Slash, get ready for some serious carnage! Dash and spin with your weapon in hand, and guess what? It’s unblockable! You’ll cut through your enemies like butter, leaving a trail of victory in your wake.
  • Axe Shot: With Axe Shot, you can shoot your axe right at your target. It’s a skillful move, but be prepared – your opponents can try to block it. So, aim true and take them down from a distance.
  • Hack n’ Shoot: Sprint forward with your axe, and if you manage to hit someone, you’ll be locking your weapon into their neck. It’s a risky but rewarding move. Keep your cool, and while you’ve got them stuck, pull out your trusty gun and blast them away.


It is all about smashing and bashing your opponents with raw power. These are the best moves for this ability:

  • Bunker Bash: This move is all about slamming your shield into the floor. Just unleash that shield slam, and watch your enemies scatter like startled pigeons. It’s a perfect way to create some breathing room and show your enemies who’s the boss.
  • Audacious Slam: This move will pick up your opponent like a sack of potatoes and slam them right into the floor. Audacious Slam is all about asserting dominance and letting your opponents know that you mean business.
  • Shield Toss: Who needs a boomerang when you’ve got the Shield Toss? With this move, you Hurl the shield and watch it return to your hand after a second. You can take down opponents from a distance, and then call your trusty shield back home.


Here are the best moves for this ability:

  • Missile Launch: The Missile Launch is an unstoppable force, and once you initiate it, there’s no turning back. You will be sending your enemies flying. Missile Launch will help you make an impact your opponents will never forget.
  • Pillar Barrage: With the Pillar Barrage you’ll be jabbing not once, not twice, but three times into a grand uppercut. With each punch, your opponents won’t know what hit them.
  • Charged Assault: With the Charged Assault, you dash forward like a speeding bullet, piercing through anyone daring to oppose you.
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People born into Generation 2 cannot use their abilities without purchasing a lighter, which can be found in the warehouse.


It offers a range of powerful moves. Let’s take a look at its unique features:

  • Locked On: If your opponent is sent airborne by gun combat or a gun move, using “Locked On” will deliver an unblockable shot midair, ensuring they have nowhere to hide.
  • Rapid Fire: With “Rapid Fire,” you’ll quickly shoot three times and finish it off with a heavy punch. Be aware that this move can be blocked by your opponents.
  • Velocity Control: Take control of the situation by redirecting your bullets towards your opponents with the “Velocity Control” move, catching them off guard.
  • Focused: Need to boost your damage output? Activate “Focused” mode to enter a state of heightened damage, amplifying all your moves and making your attacks even more devastating.


Grants you the power to summon two trusty sputters to aid you in battle. These little companions can be used in various ways to deal blows to your opponents.

  • Summon Friends: Call forth your two sputters to join you in combat, doubling your strength and support.
  • Send Flare: Launch one sputter towards your enemies, causing a powerful explosion upon impact that can break their guard.
  • Send Sputter: Propel a sputter into the air and slam it down on your opponent, giving you an opportunity to deal damage, but be warned, it can be blocked.
  • Dynamic Duo: Dash forward alongside your sputters, adding speed and agility to your attacks.
  • Send Friends: Hop onto your sputters and ride them, increasing mobility and allowing for unique attack angles.


Here are the best moves for this ability:

  • Sickle Throw: You will hurl a chained sickle at your target, and if it hits, you can pull them towards you.
  • Spinning Sickle: It let’s you launch a rapid barrage of sickle attacks. It’s a powerful move, but keep in mind that opponents can block it.
  • Air Sickle: It will propel you upwards and slash downwards with your sickle. This move can be used to surprise enemies from above.
  • Rhythm Slash: Throw your sickle sideways, and it’ll explode up to three times, making it a great move for breaking your opponent’s guard.

Liberation Fist

It uses the power of flames to defeat your opponents. Here are the best moves for this ability:

  • Exhaust Punch: Deliver a fiery punch followed by a burst of flames, scorching anything in your path.
  • Destructive Dash: Dash towards your opponent, grab them, and launch them into the air, causing massive damage that cannot be blocked.
  • Exhaust Shot: Shoot a blazing fireball from your palms, turning your hands into lethal weapons.
  • Liberate Enemy: Seize your enemy, slam them to the ground, and finish them off with a fiery stomp, leaving no chance of escape.
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The Excalibur ability gives you a powerful set of sword techniques.

  • Iai-Calibur: Perform a swift and unstoppable slice in front of you, making it impossible for opponents to block.
  • Azure Rush: Rush towards your opponent, delivering continuous slashes. While blockable, this move is still very powerful.
  • Ex-Caliver: You will harness tremendous energy to create an enormous slash. It becomes blockable until the explosive finale.
  • Violet Flash: Dash at incredible speeds and cut down your opponent. While blockable, it’s an agile and precise attack.
  • Plasma Cutter: Pierce through enemies with an unblockable strike, dealing deadly damage.


This ability is all about creating explosions to decimate opponents and gain the upper hand in battles. Here are some of the popular explosive moves of this ability:

  • Explosive Palm: Create a powerful explosion that generates three more explosions, though they can be blocked for now.
  • Explosive Bash: Bash your opponent’s head, causing a deadly explosion that sends them flying, bypassing their blocks.
  • Explosion Blast: Launch yourself forward with an explosive burst.
  • Explosion Blast (Air Variant): Launch yourself upwards using an explosive burst. This move, too, can be blocked.
  • Infused Explosion: Throw sticky bombs that explode upon impact, knocking back enemies.
  • Explosive Activation: Infuse your hands with explosive power, detonating your opponent with every hit.


Sakura is a floral-themed ability that brings the beauty and power of flowers into combat. Here are the moves you can use with Sakura:

  • Sakura Blizzard: You will throw a whirlwind of flowers at the opponent. It can be blocked, so be strategic with its timing.
  • Scattered Blade: Choking the opponent, you will fire blades infused with flowers, slamming the opponent to the ground.
  • Sakura Rush: Transforming into petals, the user rushes towards the opponent, delivering a powerful hit at the end. The attack can be blocked until the final strike.
  • Twin Blossom: The user infuses their hands with petals and strikes the opponent twice.
  • Sakura Tree: Creating a tree, the user binds anyone near it with chains. This move cannot be blocked and restrains the opponent effectively.

Devils Footprint

Let’s break down all the moves of Devils Footprint ability:

  • Outburst: Charge at your enemy, gripping them in a choking hold before releasing them. While this move is blockable, it can catch enemies off guard and set up for further attacks.
  • Devilish Drop: Propel yourself high into the air and slam down with tremendous force, breaking through your opponent’s block.
  • Breakdance: Burst into a blazing breakdance, delivering kicks to anyone caught in its path.
  • Heat Burst: Release a torrent of flames from your feet while performing a powerful drop kick. This move not only deals damage but also creates a stunning visual display.
  • Devil Spin: Execute a spin kick that not only inflicts damage but also allows you to escape from enemy combos if you find yourself trapped.


How do I determine my generation in Fire Force Online?

Your abilities will determine which of three generations you belong to when you spawn.

Generations 1, 2, and 3 can manipulate fire via a source like a weapon that has been fuel-infused, turning them into infernals or allowing them to wield weapons.

Generations 1 and 3 can also emit fire straight from their bodies.

Can I switch my ability in the game?

Yes, you can switch your ability in-game using in-game currency or Robux. Keep in mind that each ability offers unique strengths and playstyles, so choose wisely.

What are subclasses, and how do they impact my gameplay?

Subclasses are other abilities that increase the strength of your character. Selecting a subclass that fits your playstyle can significantly boost your combat performance because each one offers special skills.

That’s all for today! Remember mastering your ability is the key to dominating in battles.

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