Roblox Fire Force Online Beginners Guide & Wiki

Welcome to the new and updated Fire Force Online Beginners Guide & Wiki. If you’re new to this game, fret not, because I’ve got your back.

Fire Force Online game might seem a bit complicated at first, but fear not, for this guide will help you completely understand the basic mechanics of the game.

So, let’s jump right into it and get started!

Roblox Fire Force Online Beginners Guide & Wiki

The first crucial decision you’ll make in Fire Force Online is choosing your faction. You have two options: the Fire Force and the Whiteclad, and each has its own set of benefits.

Let’s break it down for you:

Fire Force Online factions
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Choosing Your Faction – Fire Force or Whiteclad?

  1. Fire Force: If you join the Fire Force, your quests will mainly revolve around fighting infernals. These opponents can be quite tough to deal with, but the rewards are worth it. However, joining the Fire Force isn’t a walk in the park; it’s a bit more challenging to get in.
  2. Whiteclad: On the other hand, if you join the Whiteclad, your quests will mainly involve fighting other players. This might be a slightly easier path to take compared to dealing with infernals. To join the Whiteclad, you’ll need to accumulate negative reputation points.

Personally, I’d recommend joining the Whiteclad to start with, as it’s less demanding and provides a smoother learning curve. But, the choice is yours!

Joining Your Faction

Once you’ve made up your mind about your faction, it’s time to join them! Here’s how you can do it:

Joining the Fire Force

To join the Fire Force, follow these steps:

  • Spawn in the city and explore by running around. You’ll receive little notifications that are like mini-quests. Completing these quests will grant you XP and reputation points.
  • To gain positive rep and join the Fire Force, take up quests that involve fighting infernals. For example, there might be a quest where you need to help Grandma cross the street. To join the Fire Force, accompany her safely.
  • Conversely, if you want negative rep and join the Whiteclad, avoid helping Grandma, and let her be on her own.

Once you’ve accumulated enough positive reputation, you’ll be eligible to join the Fire Force. Keep an eye out for quests at the police station, as they are a good source of rapid money and rep.

Joining the Whiteclad

To join the Whiteclad, follow these steps:

  • Head to Loans in the city and look for an NPC called “Crook.” He will give you quests that involve tasks like pickpocketing. Complete these quests to earn negative reputation points.
  • Once you have enough negative rep, a character named “Show” will teleport you to the Whiteclad’s base. Don’t worry; this process is much easier compared to the Fire Force quest.

In the Whiteclad’s base, you’ll have to perform a simple task involving a kid and an infernal bug. It’s simple, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Discovering Your Ability

Once you’ve joined your faction, it’s time to discover your ability. At Level 5, you’ll receive your unique ability, which can belong to Generation 1, Generation 2, or Generation 3.

What are Generations?
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What are Generations?

When you’re born or “spawn,” you’re assigned to one of three generations. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Generation 1 can either turn into infernals or get to pick a weapon they’re skilled with, like a shield or something.
  2. Generation 2 have the power to control fire, but they need a source for it. They can infuse fire into their weapons, but they got to have fuel to use that fire, like with a sickle or whatever they choose.
  3. Then there’s Generation 3, who can actually emit fire straight from their bodies. Imagine being able to do something like the Devils Foot, just bursting out flames.

To check which generation and ability you have, open your skill tree (M > Skill Tree icon) and find the information in the bottom right corner. If you’re Level 5 and still don’t see anything there, you belong to Generation 1 and can choose your ability right away.

Improving Your Skills

To get better in Fire Force Online, you’ll need to engage in raids and phone call missions.

Phone Call Missions

Phone call missions are like regular quests and provide a steady stream of experience points and rewards. Look for them in the game’s menu and complete them to level up.


Raids involve PvP battles against the opposite faction. They can be thrilling and rewarding. Participating in raids will improve your skills and make you a powerful force in the game.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you on your journey:

  • Subclasses: There’s a lot more to explore in Fire Force Online, such as subclasses. They are add-ons to your current ability and are unlocked through trainers. You obtain the sub class after you complete a trainer’s respective quest. (Can be obtained at rank 25)
  • Rerolls and Giveaways: Occasionally, a black market dealer named “A Serious Man” will spawn in and offer re-rolls. You can switch abilities with Robux or in-game cash. Additionally, watch out for re-roll giveaways on Twitch if you need a bit of luck on your side.

Here we conclude this Fire Force Online beginners guide & wiki! We have got the basics down in this guide, and following this will help you become pro in no time.

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