How to Get Generation Upgrades in Fire Force Online

If you’ve been eagerly wanting to unlock the hidden potential of your abilities, your moment has arrived. The developers have now introduced the Fire Force Online Generation upgrades section, granting you access to new and enhanced powers.

In this guide we will teach you how you can get the Generation upgrades in Fire Force Online quickly and easily.

So, let’s gets started!

Step 1: The Road to Level 40

Before you start the process to obtain Generation upgrades, you must first reach level 40. Don’t worry; it might take some time and effort, but it’ll be worth it in the end. So, keep grinding, complete quests, and take on challenges to boost your experience points!

Meet Eugene
Talk to Eugene

Step 2: The Mysterious Scientist – Meet Eugene

Once you’ve achieved level 40, make your way to the main city entrance. Take a right turn, then another right, and keep your eyes open for an NPC named Eugene. This intriguing scientist is the key to your future advancements. If you talk to him, he’ll take you deeper into the mysteries of Generation upgrades.

Step 3: The Lab – Where Secrets Unravel

Eugene’s guidance will lead you to a hidden laboratory. Traverse through the winding corridors until you come across an open door. The anticipation will start to build as you will be getting closer to unlocking your upgraded powers.

Step 4: The Requester’s Quest

You will come across a mysterious NPC within the lab. This is your time to show how valuable and committed you are. By finishing his quest, you will make significant progress towards earning Generation upgrades.

So, take on the task and finish it by the deadline to get one step closer to your objective.

Step 5: The Path to Ascendancy

The exciting part is about to begin! Generation Upgrades are hard to come by and need skill and patience to obtain. Participate in faction-based events, go on raids, and show your fighting abilities. You can obtain the power you want by winning about 20 of these epic encounters.

Pro Tip: Stay Resolute and Unyielding

Don’t be discouraged if the journey seems tough. Generation upgrades are meant for those who are willing to push their limits and become true masters of their abilities. Stay focused, master your skills, and you will be able to get Generation upgrades in no time.

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