Nexus War Civilization Tier List (Best Characters Meta 2023)

In Nexus War: Civilization, your mission is clear: raise an army and assemble the mightiest heroes from the four races of Origin Star – the Humans, Izans, Aokus, and Theias.

It’s a race against time as you unite these factions and stand shoulder to shoulder against the treacherous Invaders who have set their sights on annihilating your home planet.

With a grand total of over 40 characters to choose from across all the factions, players find themselves grappling with the weighty task of making their crucial selections.

We have put together a new and updated Nexus War Civilization tier list. It’s got all the characters ranked in the current meta, so you can have an easier go of it.

Read on to see where your favourite heroes stand.

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Nexus War Civilization Tier List

The best characters in Nexus War Civilization are the ones sitting in the S Tier. These are the real powerhouses of the game. You got to have them in your team if you want to dominate in every game mode.

Tier S

  • Heinoh
  • Hardy
  • Violet
  • Miryam
  • Orlaith

In our A Tier, we’ve got some proper reliable Nexus War Civilization characters for you. They come packed with brilliant stats and skills, perfectly suited for specific roles like tanking, healing, or dishing out some serious damage.

Tier A

  • Zafar
  • Zelim
  • Toma
  • Vangurra
  • Kyutta
  • Cintra
  • Nauraa
  • Magni

In the B Tier, we’ve got characters that are alright, but not quite extraordinary. You can still slot them into your team if you’re short on better options, but they might struggle when faced with the toughest challenges.

Tier B

  • Fluffy
  • Aquavius
  • Monarella
  • Fitzgerald
  • Pyronia
  • Dante
  • Katherine
  • Venn
  • Roub
  • Cayman

In the C Tier, we have characters that have nothing special. You can use them in the very start of the game, but they will not set your enemies on fire. As soon as you lay your hands on better characters, toss them aside and move on.

Tier C

  • Marteau
  • Pampam
  • Klave
  • Walaii
  • Minerva
  • Itri
  • Cyllene
  • Asuna

There isn’t much to write about D Tier characters in the Nexus War Civilization. They’re the weakest bunch and most commonly available in the game.

Tier D

  • Droga
  • Agnellia
  • Erdu
  • Keith
  • Bazur

Now, here’s the thing about our Nexus War Civilization tier list. It’s a subjective one and represents our own opinion. So, don’t go thinking it matches 100% of your preferences, because we all got different styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when using the tier list?

Think of it as a guide. It can give you an idea of which heroes are more powerful or useful, but it isn’t set in stone. Feel free to experiment and find the hero that suit you best.

How can I obtain heroes in the game?

Heroes can be obtained through various means. Summoning at the Hall of Heroes gives heroes or hero mementos. Events within the game often has hero mementos. Purchasing bundles can also contain hero mementos as rewards.

Can I play Nexus War Civilization without following a tier list?

Absolutely! While tier lists can provide guidance, the game offers flexibility in team composition and strategies. You are free to experiment, and find your own unique synergies.

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