Roblox Peroxide Quincy Abilities Guide Wiki (2024)

Quincy Abilities are moves and skills that only Quincy is able to use in the Roblox Peroxide game. They can be used to beat even the most powerful opponents because of their incredible power and adaptability.

Each Quincy Ability has its own unique set of abilities and effects. Some Quincy Abilities are offensive, while others are defensive. Some Quincy Abilities are single-target, while others are area-of-effect.

Quincy Abilities aren’t static, and I’ve personally witnessed the transformation when they’re upgraded. They can be upgraded to increase their power, decrease their cooldown, and lower their Reiatsu cost. Even boosting and increasing the survivability of your character can be done by upgrading Quincy Abilities.

This Quincy Abilities guide that I’ve put together will give you an in-depth overview of my best six Quincy Abilities in Peroxide game.

So, let’s get started!

Roblox Peroxide Quincy Abilities Guide: Our six best recommendations

Now that you know a little bit about Quincy Abilities, let’s find more about all best of them:


The Trickshot ability is quite a fancy move that combines the best of both melee and ranged attacks. When you trigger this move, you’ll start things off by performing a slashing motion forward with your saber.

After that slash, you’ll perform a backflip, and while mid-air, you’ll unleash an arrow shot that’s way more powerful than your regular shots.

If your saber slash manages to connect with an opponent, something even more exciting happens. You’ll automatically leap into the air and lock onto that enemy like a heat-seeking missile.

It’s like the ultimate marksmanship combo that bridges swordplay and archery in one slick sequence.

Heilig Schlag

Heilig Schlag is one ability which stands out with its sheer power and devastation. It allows you to unleash a powerful force by firing a massive arrow down a lane. What makes this ability truly remarkable is what happens after the arrow is released.

As the arrow travels, it leaves behind a trail of thick Reishi, an otherworldly substance that holds great energy. Upon impact with a target or in the event of the arrow’s destruction, the Reishi trail detonates, triggering a massive explosion.

This explosion obliterates everything in its path that was marked by the Reishi trail.

Arrow Barrage

This ability is a bit of a cracker – you let loose a quick volley of arrows that don’t give a toss about blocking, they just pierce right through.

After all that arrow action, you give the target a proper send-off by sending them flying at the end of the move. It’s like shooting a cannon of arrows, breaking through defenses and giving your opponent a one-way ticket to the sky.


The Ishida Clan is connected to the Rachepfeil ability. When you use it, a special arrow that amplifies as you suffer more damage is released. This arrow shoots down enemies in its path as it moves along an assigned path.

And when it strikes its target, it doesn’t just stop there; instead, the collision causes a huge explosion. That is why this skill gets stronger the worse off you are.


Schatten ability – it’s like the Quincies’ VIP pass to the Wandenreich, their own secret hangout. As soon as someone becomes a Quincy, they’re handed this Schatten ability.

It’s an automatic feature, no extra charge. This ability can help in getting Quincies from point A to point Wandenreich.

Reishi Downpour

You can launch a unique arrow into the sky using the Reishi Downpour ability. Reishi is drawn into the arrow from the air and given solid shape.

As a result, it generates a solid Reishi rain that falls from the sky and is strong enough to pierce through anyone standing on the ground.

There you have it – Roblox Peroxide Quincy Abilities guide. If you’re new here and want to stay updated on all things Roblox, remember to bookmark the Roblox guide section for more similar updates.

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