How to Get VOLTSTANDING and SCHRIFT in Roblox Peroxide

If you’ve chosen to be Quincy in the cool new Roblox Peroxide game, you’re in for something awesome! Let’s talk about how to get VOLTSTANDING and SCHRIFT in Roblox Peroxide, two important things you need for playing as Quincy.

Quincy is a popular character in the Roblox Peroxide game. Being Quincy assures you that you are going to have a thrilling experience.

Now, let’s look at what VOLTSTANDING and SCHRIFT are and how to obtain them.

Becoming a Quincy

To become a Quincy in Roblox Peroxide, you must first find a Quincy logo marked on the map. Once you’ve located the symbol, speak with the Quincy character there and express your desire to join their ranks.

The Quincy will then transform you into a Quincy, which will start the process for acquiring your special skills.

How to Get SCHRIFT

SCHRIFT is a powerful ability that only Quincy characters can have. To get SCHRIFT, you first need to reach level 15. Once you’re level 15, you can talk to the quest giver in Karakura Town. They’ll give you a quest to get a hunting medallion.

The hunting medallion is a special item that allows you to start a hunt. To start a hunt, go to an area where you can hunt, like Karakura or Cue Commando. Once you’re in a hunting area, use the hunting medallion and you’ll be assigned a target.

Your goal is to defeat your target. You can do this by yourself or with the help of other players. Once you’ve defeated your target, go back to the quest giver to see if you got SCHRIFT. There’s a 1 in 3 chance of getting SCHRIFT, so you might have to try a few times.

If you get SCHRIFT, you’ll see a progress bar on your screen. You need to fill up the progress bar to level 20 to unlock all of your SCHRIFT abilities. You can fill up the progress bar by doing quests, fighting enemies, and completing other activities.

Once you reach level 20, you can activate your SCHRIFT by pressing the designated key. Your SCHRIFT abilities will get stronger as you level up your character, so keep leveling up to unlock their full potential.


Voltstanding is a powerful ability that allows Quincys to create a powerful blast of reishi energy. To get Voltstanding, you must first reach level 85. Once you have reached level 85, you can start collecting Voltstanding points by completing certain tasks, such as winning PvP matches or completing tasks such as the Tyin Gate that will reward you with 75 points each time.

Once you have collected enough Voltstanding points, you can talk to the Quincy Master to challenge the Voltstanding Trial. The Voltstanding Trial is a difficult challenge that requires you to defeat a powerful boss.

The battle against the Voltstanding boss is not easy, as it mimics your abilities and uses your tactics against you. The Voltstanding boss has two distinct phases. In the first phase, you must use M2 attacks or perform perfect blocks to damage him.

This initial phase serves as a challenge that tests your combat skills and mechanics. Upon progressing to the second phase, you’ll engage in an intense battle where both you and the boss utilize your full arsenal. If you are successful, you will be granted the Voltstanding ability.


  • For the SCHRIFT quest, it is recommended to team up with friends or guildmates to make it easier to defeat the target player.
  • For the Voltstanding Trial, it is important to use the best equipment and skills that you have. You may also want to practice fighting the boss before you attempt the trial.
  • Once you have obtained a SCHRIFT and Voltstanding, be sure to practice using them so that you can become proficient in their use.

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