Roblox Peroxide Shikai Tier List (Best Shikai Moves 2024)

Picking the best Shikai in Roblox Peroxide can feel a bit overwhelming. There’s a proper load of Shikai options, each packing its own fancy set of abilities. So, how in the world do you figure out which one suits you best?

Here I’m going to give you the lowdown on the best Shikai in the form of a tier list. It will be based on how strong, flexible, and handy they are in a fight. My aim will be to help you pick the Shikai that suits your style and what you need.

I will rank the Shikai in Roblox Peroxide based on the following criteria:

  • Overall power: How powerful is the Shikai? Can it defeat strong enemies?
  • Versatility: How can the Shikai be used? Is it useful for a variety of purposes?
  • Usefulness in fight: How useful is the Shikai in combat? Can it be used to defeat enemies?
  • Rarity: How readily the Shikai are available in the game. Is it easily accessible?

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Roblox Peroxide Shikai guide
By Clashiverse

Roblox Peroxide Shikai Tier List

Now that you know the criteria I will be using to rank the Shikai, let’s get started with the S tier first:

S Tier Shikai

When we’re talking about an S tier, we’re talking about a Shikai that’s got the whole package – power, versatility, and a bit of that extra something that sets it apart from the rest.

The Lightning Element

Lightning Shikai move isn’t just any old move; it’s the stuff of legends, with a mere 2% chance to come your way. Let’s break down the moves that make this Lightning Shikai truly electrifying:

Move 1: Storm Blitz

Imagine tapping into the raw energy of a brewing storm, channeling it straight into your feet, and unleashing a dance of death around you. This Storm Blitz is no joke.

It’s all about slashing and bashing, and the best part? It gets even stronger with both Strength and Spirit.

Move 2: Falling Thunder

By using this move you wrap a storm around yourself, leap sky-high, and come down like a force of nature on your opponents. And – when you pull off another Lightning Shikai skill, you’re right next to your opponent, ready to serve them a taste of thunder they won’t forget.

Moreover, at max mastery, it’s got auto-aim, so you can hit your mark even when the going gets tough.

Move 3: Approaching Storm

This move isn’t just a skill – it’s a whole new level of power. You channel an ever-approaching storm right into yourself, becoming one with the lightning itself. It’s like you’re part of the thunder and the fury. But it’s not without a price – it’ll chip away a percentage of your health per tick.

And the upside? You get the teleport M1 attacks, so you’re zipping around like a bolt of lightning, catching your opponent’s off guard.

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The Glacier Element

If you’re looking for a Shikai that’ll give you chills (the good kind, mind you), the Glacier Shikai is where it’s at. This Legendary Element brings a whole new level of ice-cold domination to Roblox Peroxide. Let’s break down the icy moves this has:

Move 1: Frozen Construct Fang

This move launches a guard breaking projectile that knocks your enemies for a loop before you finish them off with a bit of soul power. The more you master it, the more hurt it dishes out. Don’t forget – the power of this move scales up with your Spirit stat. So, the stronger your spirit, the harder the chill!

Move 2: Hundred Ice Nights Purgatory

It slams your weapon into the ground causing ice spikes to erupt, giving your enemies a one-way ticket to the other side of the map. It creates a hazardous zone that’ll give your enemy a taste of chip damage while they’re at it.

If you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll have some orbiting swords to lend a hand. Just like the first move, this one scales up with your Spirit stat, so keep that in mind!

Move 3: Cry of a Thousand Moons

Cry of a Thousand Moons has got the creepy factor to it. This move drags unfortunate enemies toward you, and if there’s no victim in sight, no worry – high-speed arrows are headed their way.

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A Tier Shikai

When a Shikai gets an A tier label, it means it’s got a fair bit going for it. These are powerful and versatile. They might not be legendary, but they’re certainly no pushovers.

The Gravity Element

The Gravity Shikai stands out as one of the rarest elements, making up only 18% of the Shikai arsenal. But, when you fully get the hang of its abilities, it turns into a proper force, matching your Reiatsu color like a customized fit.

Move 1: Gravity Field

It creates your very own gravity field around you. Inside it, you’ll feel lighter than a feather, while everyone else gets weighed down.

But that isn’t all – give it another go while you’re still in the field, and watch as everyone around you starts floating up. And if there’s any rocks lying around, your opponents are going to get hit by them.

Move 2: Rock Scatter

Now, this move’s a bit tricky. Chuck this one out when you’re inside your gravity field, and you’ll have rocks shooting up from the ground and hanging around in the air. These rocks will act different depending on what move you use next.

If you use this move outside the field, it’s like summoning a rock from the ground and sending it straight at your enemies, ready to tear them apart. Both Spirit and Strength play a part in how much damage you’ll dish out with this one.

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Move 3: Orbital Pull

Whip out this move when you’re inside your gravity field, and watch as all the rocks you tossed out with Rock Scatter get yanked towards the center.

And if you decide to use this one outside the field, you’re creating a magnetic field that’ll push away anyone who’s getting too close for comfort. Just like with Move 2, both Strength and Spirit have a say in how much pull you got with this trick.

The Fire Element

The Fire Shikai is a rare element, making up 18% of the game. Once you’ve mastered its abilities, the flames associated with it take on a striking blue color.

Move 1: Fire Slash

This move involves channeling your inner flame onto your blade, executing a dynamic whirlwind slash. This action propels both you and your opponents into the air before slamming them down to the ground.

The effectiveness of this move is influenced by your Strength stat.

Move 2: Fire Pillars

Harness the power of your internal flame and thrust it into the ground. This action triggers a series of massive flame eruptions that span in front of you.

Furthermore, using another Fire Shikai skill teleports you next to your enemy, ensuring a successful hit. The effectiveness of this move is linked to your Spirit stat.

Move 3: Will Of Fire

Immerse your body in your inner flame and launch yourself forward with blazing speed, causing destruction to anything in your path. This move is driven by both your Strength and Spirit stats.

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B Tier Shikai

If you’re eyeing a B Tier Shikai, you’re still getting a tool that can get the job done. It might not be as flashy as an A or S Tier, but not every game needs a grand show, right? Just remember, it’s all about how you use it that counts.

The Clone Element

Rare Element: 18%

Move 1: False Clones

“Reach into our reflection, and let the world see us. Bringing forth two of our reflections to fight.”

This move conjures two clones of ourselves from the mirror realm. These clones stick around for a duration based on our Spirit level. The higher the Spirit, the longer they’ll fight by our side.

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Move 2: Mirror Inverse

“Punch a hole through our mirror world and instantaneously swap places with one of our reflections.”

With this move, you punch through the mirror world and seamlessly switch positions with one of your reflections. If you have mastered this technique, it grants you a wider range.

Move 3: Emulate Clones

“Reach through the mirror world inside and take control of our reflections, causing them to repeat our last attack.”

You can tap into your clones’ potential and make them mimic your previous attack. The catch is, the damage they deal depends on the attack they’re copying.

For instance, if your clones emulate the mighty “Hado 90” (Black Box), they’ll hit the opponent with a taste of that power.

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The Wind Element

It is one of the common element Shikai options, sitting at a solid 80% chance of getting it. Wind Shikai’s got a trio of moves that’ll have you blowing away the competition.

Move 1: Triple Gale

Think about twirling through the air in front of you as you spin your blade in the wind. This move’s called Triple Gale, and it’s a three-step dance of destruction. Its power increases with both strength and spirit, but it has a somewhat greater love for spirit than strength.

Move 2: Tailwind

This move is like bringing a storm to the game. You’re going to gather up all that atmosphere around you, like you’re creating a tiny storm, and absorb the energy from incoming attacks.

Then, you blast that energy right back at whoever sent it your way. Also – the longer it lasts depends on how much mastery you’ve got.

Move 3: Tornado Stomp

Your feet are like whirlwinds, and you shoot up into the air. Then, with a ground-shaking smash, you crash back down and unleash a cyclone that’ll have every enemy around you destroyed.

Just like Triple Gale, this move’s got a thing for both Strength and Spirit, so the stronger you are in those, the more havoc you’ll wreak.

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C Tier Shikai

C Tier Shikai in Roblox Peroxide are the ones that are a bit down the ladder. They are not the flashiest or the most powerful, but they still got their uses.

The Explosion Element

It’s one of the more common elements (about 80% common, to be precise), but trust me, it’s anything but ordinary.

Move 1: Detonation Wisps

You fragment your explosive Reiatsu into super dense wisps, and then you launch tem out of your palm. But that’s not the best part – these wisps go boom upon contact. This move’s got Spirit written all over it. The more Spirit you pack, the bigger the kaboom.

Move 2: Impact Point

You concentrate your explosive Reiatsu into your blade and thrust it forward. Anyone unlucky enough to be on the receiving end gets a dose of this explosive goodness stuck to them. It’s a ticking time bomb for them. The first hit’s all about that Strength and Spirit combo – give them both barrels.

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Move 3: Bomb Jump

You spread your Reiatsu across the ground and light it up to send you and your allies high up in the sky. The more you’ve mastered this move, the bigger the impact. This move’s all about Spirit, so pump it up to soar higher.

So, there you have it – the Roblox Peroxide Shikai tier list. If you’re new here and want to stay updated on all things Roblox, remember to bookmark the Roblox guide section for more similar updates.

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