Roblox Soul Cultivation tier list: Best skills guide

Soul Cultivation tier list ranks the best skills to use in the game, including Qi Release, Lightning Strike, and more.

Skills serve as the very essence of a cultivator’s arsenal, enabling them to reach greater heights and overcome powerful enemies like Universe Overseer and Cosmic Being.

Each tier on this list represents the rank of a skill, and understanding their importance can shape your journey in various ways. Furthermore, as you accumulate resources, you must wisely invest in the most effective skills to tackle challenging trials.

Therefore, this Soul Cultivation tier list becomes invaluable in efficiently allocating resources and maximizing the benefits of your cultivation journey.

Roblox Soul Cultivation tier list: Our recommendations for best skills

First and foremost, let us start with the best skills in Soul Cultivation game:

Qi Release – Tier S Rank

The Qi Release skill allows you to create a zone that damage and reduces the movement speed of enemies. The extent of its effects depends on the difference in Cultivation realms between you and your opponents.

Also, the size of the zone expands based on your maximum qi, but the qi multiplier is halved in this process. To acquire this skill, a minimum of 30 million Max Qi is required, along with 7.5 thousand Spirit Stones.

Lightning Strike – Tier A Rank

The Lightning Strike skill let’s you to unleash powerful lightning strikes on your enemies, emanating from the tip of your palm.

To obtain this skill, you have a chance of it dropping when you successfully defeat a Greater Angel enemy. To use the Lightning Strike skill, you must meet the requirement of having 1 billion (1B) maximum Qi cost.

Flying Sword – Tier B Rank

The Flying Sword skill lets you to summon a sword beneath your feet and soar through the air with it. To use this skill, one million units of your Qi will be expended for its activation.

But mastering this technique requires having a maximum Qi of one million. Also, it demands the possession of five thousand Spirit Stones to acquire the proficiency in using the Flying Sword.

Body Refining – Tier C Rank

Body Refining allows you to refine your body, resulting in a 25% increase in all your stats. However, there is a trade-off as 10 qi is taken away during the process.

To learn and use this skill, you must have a maximum qi capacity of at least 250.

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How does various tiers mean in the Soul Cultivation tier list?

Each tier represents the rank of a skill. Skills in higher tiers are more powerful and essential for your journey. Understanding their importance will help you allocate resources wisely.

How do I obtain these skills?

Each skill has specific requirements. Such as Spirit Stones and Max Qi capacity or defeat Greater Angel enemies for a chance to obtain Lightning Strike.

Can lower-tier skills be useful?

While lower-tier skills may be helpful at the beginning, higher-tier skills are vital for facing powerful enemies and progressing quickly.

Here we conclude this Soul Cultivation tier list. We have ranked all major skills from best to worst, with a reasonable rationale for each.

Did you find this Soul Cultivation tier list helpful? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.