Roblox Underworld Realm Spells Guide (2024)

Welcome to the updated Roblox Underworld Realm Spells guide! So, this Roblox game features dungeon-style battles where you and like, up to three of your allies, team up to fight monsters and other creatures in the Underground.

It’s all about taking on those creepy creatures, and totally owning all the challenges that come your way. So, let’s jump into the whole spell-casting scene and figure out the best ways to score those wins.

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Roblox Underworld Realm Spells Guide

Here are all the best spells in Underworld Realm game:

Bugs Infestation

Bugs Infestation is a pretty wild spell which creates a crazy cloud loaded with, like, a gazillion flies, and then sending them all charging at your enemies. You can grab this spell in the Ruins Corridor, starting from Level 0.

Now, these flies are a bit picky about their ride, they drop about 20% of the time from Froggit. But, they’re not super rare – actually, they’re common. Also, it costs you 5 stamina points to use this insect mayhem spell.

Energy Pollination

Energy Pollination summons butterflies and when these little fluttery insects touch your enemy, they actually swipe some of their stamina while giving you a stamina boost.

You can find this one in the Ruins Corridor, and it’s not that hard to come by, dropping about 20% of the time from a Whimsun. Casting this spell costs you 6 stamina points.

Haunted Tears

Haunted Tears spell lets you make this line of tear drops that totally mess up your enemies. You can find it in Napstablook’s Room, but don’t expect it to show up all the time – it’s pretty rare, with just a 15% chance of dropping from Napstablook.

So, it might make you shed a tear when it comes to finding it. Using it costs you 5 stamina points.


Strings spell lets tangle up enemies in a web-like trap. Just tap where you want the trap, but keep in mind it only covers a tiny spot. You can find this spell at the Spider Bake Sale for 58 G. It’s pretty common and costs 6 stamina to use.

Slime Ball

The Slime Ball spell lets you toss a gooey slime ball at your enemies, and when it hits them, they get stunned. You can find this spell in the Ruins Corridor, but you’ll need to be at least Level 10.

If you’re lucky, you might get it from Moldsmal about 20% of the time. It’s a common spell, and it’ll cost you 4 stamina points to use.

Healthy Vegetables

The Healthy Vegetables spell is like having a little healing garden around you. When you or your allies touch these vegetables, they get a boost of healing.

You can find this spell in the Ruins Corridor, but it’s not too rare – about 1 in 4 Vegetoids drop it. It takes 10 stamina points to cast.

Bug Dance

The Bug Dance spell lets you bust out a goofy dance move that boosts your teammates stamina when they’re nearby. If you’re looking for it, you can find it in the Ruins Corridor, but it’s not super rare. Itt costs you 5 stamina points to get your groove on with this spell.

So, there you have it, the scoop on some of the best spells in the Roblox Underworld Realm!