Robox Swordburst 3 Tier List July 2024: Best Weapons Guide

This Swordburst 3 weapons tier list took me, like, forever to compile, but trust me, it’s worth the grind.

I’ve seen some SERIOUS heat (and some major duds) in the new Swordburst 3 game released by Twin Atlas on Roblox.

Before we jump in, remember that this Swordburst 3 tier list is just my opinion based on my experience and what I’ve seen what weapons others mostly use in the free release.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

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Robox Swordburst 3 Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

I’ve categorized the weapons into tiers considering factors like damage, rarity, and ease of acquisition.

WeaponTierAcquisitionRarityBase ATKMAX ATK
Corrupted JusticeSDrop from ElronLegendary717867
RosebiteADrop from HaganEpic292421
Galiard LongswordADrop from GaliardEpic526662
Demon’s DemiseAChest / Drop from Magma Golem, PhoenixEpic10531197
Petal LongswordBDrop from Crystal Boar, Thunder Sakura MooseRare434557
Crimson FuryB4000 Vel / Drop from Magma Golem, Phoenix, Fire Imp, Hell HoundRare9921124
Noble CavalierBChest / Drop from Soldier BoarRare508632
Shell BladeCDrop from Crystal Boar, Thunder Sakura MooseUncommon373484
Velarian LongswordCDrop from Soldier Boar, Frenzy KnightRare657784
Holy LongswordC2900 Vel / Drop from Fire Wasp, Ember Jaguar, Lava Basilisk, Skeleton BearUncommon644760
Amethyst LongswordCDrop from Brown Bear, Crystal BoarRare291410
Jeweled LongswordC2400 Vel / Drop from Fire WaspUncommon529644
Divine InfernoDDrop from Pathos the Fire LordLegendary13281487
Iron LongswordDJoin the game / Drop from Razor BoarCommon50142
Bronze BladeD300 Vel / Drop from Razor Boar, TortoiseUncommon85182
SkyprinceD500 Vel / Drop from Razor Boar, Tortoise, Wolf, Rock GolemRare135245
Blade of GrassDChest / Drop from Tortoise, Brown BearUncommon142244
Royal BladeD700 Vel / Drop from Wolf, Brown BearUncommon162265
OracleDDrop from Tortoise, WolfUncommon182287
Leaf’s EdgeDDrop from HaganEpic292410
Cobalt FangDDrop from ErebusEpic9121053
Mithril LongswordD3600 Vel / Drop from Skeleton Bear, Fiery Moose, Magma GolemUncommon807926

Swordburst 3 Weapons Tier List FAQs

What does the tier list mean?

The tier list categorizes weapons based on their skills, power, and rarity in Swordburst 3. Higher-tier weapons generally offer better stats and are harder to obtain.

What do the tier ratings (S, A, B, C, D) signify?

The tier ratings go from S (the best) to D (the lowest). Weapons in the S tier are top-notch, while those in the D tier are generally less powerful or harder to obtain.

What are some good weapon choices for early game?

Early on, focus on weapons with good base damage and attack speed. Amethyst Longsword and Forged Greatsword are solid options until you can upgrade to better gear.

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