How To Unlock Locksley Castle Doors In Pet Catchers (Full Guide)

Want to unlock the secret Locksley Castle Doors In Pet Catchers? It’s kinda tricky, but don’t worry, I got you!

In the Lava Region of Pet Catchers, I found the Locksley quest. This quest lets you move to a new area, but you have to solve riddles that send you all over the map to find clues and unlock a door.

Unlocking Locksley Castle Doors In Pet Catchers

Here’s the first riddle:

Locked forever, a curse to be,
A hidden key shall set you free.
Clues hidden all across the land,
The first awaits you under a cross in sand.

This one’s quite easy, you should start by heading over to Sunset Shores, where you meet the old sailor who gave you your fishing rod. Right next to him, you’ll find the Fish Exchange and the Gem Trader. Turn left, and you’ll see a big X in the sand.

Read the clue:

In an autumn forest where the furnace burns bright on a pile of logs, just out of plain sight.

Now, go to the Beacon and then to Auburn Woods. Stand in front of the crafting building, and look to the left for a pile of logs.

Read the next clue:

At Journey’s start, where Champions Stand Tall, find me on the fountain’s waterfall.

Head back to the starting area, Pet Park. The only waterfall you can get close to is right in the center, by the statue (or maybe it’s a fountain?). Look closely, and you’ll find a note on the pet statue.

Read it:

Where the air is crisp and the land is serene, a clue lays on top of the roof, colored green.

Make your way to Frosty Peaks, right before you enter Sunset Shores. Look for the Bounty House, and on the roof (to the right), you’ll find another clue!

On the desert island where a pyramid resides, walk through it to find where the clue hides.

Off to Dusty Dunes, you’ll find some scorpions, but don’t worry, they’re just grumpy neighbors. Look to the left, where you usually fish. There’s a tiny pyramid you can walk through! Inside, there’s another clue waiting:

In the land of purple water and trees of fungi, at the end of the cave where crystal meets sky.

Move on to the next area, the Lagoon. Be careful, the water is poisonous! Jump across to the left side, and at the end, you’ll find the next clue behind a crystal:

In the Meadows, by the cppy bar crew in the skate park, you’ll find your next clue.

Head back to Mellow Meadows, where the pets are skating on the halfpipe. The note is right there on the side, and it says:

Where ground is hot, the castle stands tall, climb the spire and find the key once and for all.

This is the final part. Go back to where you started, the Magma Basin, by the door you need to open. Jump around the platforms and climb the ladder. You might have been here before, but this time, you’ll find the final clue:

You found the key! Return to Sir Locksley to break the curse.

Head back down and talk to Sir Locksley. He’ll surprise you, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan! The door will finally open, revealing a sign that says “Not a secret, good deals, shush!

But wait, there’s more! Behind the door is the Black Market, where you can find runes and other cool stuff. You’ll need to do a quick obstacle course to get in, but it’s worth it!

I hope this guide helped you unlock the Locksley Castle doors and explore the Black Market!

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