Best Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened (New Meta)

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened offers a magical journey into the wizarding world where duels are won with powerful decks and a pinch of wizarding wit. In this guide, we’ll delve into the best decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened mobile game and give you our insider tips on how to unleash the full potential of your magical abilities.

As you get started on your journey, the game will immerse you in a thrilling multiplayer experience where you need to collect over 70 magical cards to master the art of spellcasting. Among the many exciting features of the game, the decks stand out as the core strategy element that determines the outcome of battles.

So grab your wands, don your wizarding robes, and let’s conjure up some winning meta deck strategies and become the best duelist in the wizarding world!

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Best Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Thank Merlin, this isn’t your typical Collectible Card Game (CCG) in which you must burn through all of your galleons simply to have a chance at winning. You can actually collect every card for free, without a need for a Gringotts vault full of gold!

But, fully upgrading your cards can be trickier than getting past a Hungarian Horntail, so some decks are more friendly for us muggles on a budget. No need to bribe the goblins at Gringotts for extra gold!

Keep in mind that the meta is ever-changing and varies by PVP rank, but over time you’ll learn what are the Meta Decks.

Dobby Avada: The Whale Hunter

Dobby Avada: The Whale Hunter
via WB Games

Want to navigate the whale-infested waters of Top Rank Dueling? A Dobby Avada Deck is your best choice. The mighty whale may be bigger, stronger, and healthier than you, but a whale is only mortal, and all mortals fall before Lord Vol— hem, hem —Dobby! This is the best deck to use against higher level opponents.

Do not mistake this for an overpowered deck. A Dobby Avada Deck comes with important caveats:

  1. This is not a beginner-friendly deck
  2. This is not good in Duo Duels (2V2)
  3. This deck struggles against some Meta Decks

Avada Kavadra allows you to ignore the extra HP your opponent has over you and Dobby’s Echo Ability is used to avoid their superior damage output. Dobby’s teleport will put you in the best position to hit them with the unforgivable curse.

Those are the basics of how the Dobby Avada Deck functions.

Dobby Avada: The Whale Hunter Deck
via WB Games

Harry Decks: Powerful and Cheap

Harry Decks: Powerful and Cheap
via WB Games

Harry Decks are great for F2P Players. Harry Decks focus on low-mana cost Spell Cards and center around a couple of Common Cards: Oppugno and Stupefy.

That means the best cards in a Harry Deck are Common or Rare spells, since most Epic and Legendary cards have a high-mana cost.

Harry Decks don’t rely on Legendary cards to work. A few Legendary cards can work, but they are not necessary. Common and Rare Cards are relatively easy to upgrade.

There are a variety of Harry Decks that can work. By switching a few cards the player adjust the deck to their favorite playstyle. A few examples:

  • Ashwinder instead of Three Headed Puppy
  • Nifler instead of Nebulus
  • Priori Incantatem instead of Bewitched Snowballs
  • McGonagall instead of Lottie

Every F2P Player should try Harry Decks at least a few times.

Spell Vs Summon Vs Mixed Decks

Spell Vs Summon Vs Mixed Decks
via WB Games

So you tried Dobby Avada or Harry Decks and hated it? Don’t worry, you still have options. Worse options, true, but still good options.

Summon Decks
via WB Games

Summon Decks are very beginner-friendly. Summon Decks feel amazing early on because duelists still have weak basic attacks and are easily overwhelmed by summon mobs.

Summons have one big advantage over spells: they are easy to use for both attack and defense. That said, compared to spells, most summons cause less damage per point of mana spent.

Summon Decks can still be very powerful at the highest ranks, but your chances to win are very level-dependent. F2P Players should not focus on Summon Decks, at least not in the long term.

Spell Decks
via WB Games

Spell Decks are the most popular among veterans. Spells can be very powerful and versatile, especially when taking Echo effects into consideration. It will be harder to win early on with Spell Decks, but the experience will make you stronger in the long term.

Spells have two big disadvantages: it’s easy to waste a spell, and it’s hard to balance between attack and defense. The more you know about the game, the easier it will be to use spells correctly. Spell Decks are the best for F2P Players.

Mixed Decks
via WB Games

Mixed Decks can be just as powerful as Spell Decks. Such decks are based on Echos that benefit from mixing spell cards with specific summon cards. It’s great for players who like summon cards but worry that pure Summon Decks are not powerful enough.

The biggest problem of Summon Decks for F2P Players is that summon cards do not scale well with upgrades. Adopting a Mixed Deck might help with that problem. You can focus on upgrading only very specific summon cards to build an effective deck.

F2P Players should play Mixed Decks if they like them more than Spell Decks. There are no P2W Decks, so you can play anything you like. But upgrades are costly, so you should find a Meta Deck with a greater focus on spell cards.

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