Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List (Best Cards)

Since the official release of Harry Potter Magic Awakened, the game has received several significant updates. As a result, the community has figured out the ins and outs of each card, spell, and potion. Recently, the game introduced two new cards – Baby Antipodean Opaleye and Whomping Willow card.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether these new cards are strong enough to rival the game’s top cards like Crucio and Sectumsempra.

To help both new and experienced players navigate the game, we’ve updated our Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List. This list ranks the best cards worth acquiring in the game, taking into account the latest updates and new additions.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List: Our recommendations for the best Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards

Every Harry Potter Magic Awakened card, including the most recent addition, has been ranked in a single Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards tier list. We considered a number of variables, including a card’s abilities, type, MP, and most importantly rarity.

Two things need to be considered. One, the quality of each card is determined by our personal evaluation, which makes this list subjective. Two, it’s crucial to remember that every card is playable.

Use Avada Kedavra if that’s what you enjoy doing. A card is still playable even if, in our opinion, it is only decent.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List (Ranked by Tier)

Tier S – Best Cards

Name Type MP Rarity Overview
Crucio Charm 5 Dark Channels and inflicts increasing damages to a nearby enemy unit, stuns the unit if that is not a wizard opponent
Sectumsempra Charm 4 Epic Inflicting damage to enemy, and hits a nearby enemy, repeats up to 3 times
Obscurus Charm 5 Dark Being Invincible, inflicting damage to designated area and reducing their speed; Temporary weakened when out of effect
Kelpie Summons 6 Legendary Cause area damage at designated location and swim back to and orbit the caster. For each time the caster inflicts damage, Kelpie will pounce on that location and cause area damage; Each successful attack or defeat increases succession attack; Kelpie will instantly return after 3 attack increases
Avada Kedavra Charm 6 Dark Deal damage to first line-of-sight unit, increase 1 stack for each successful Avada kill; guaranteed instant kill after 4 stacks

Tier A – Great Cards

Name Type MP Rarity Overview
Broomstick Charm 2 Rare Flies to specified location and return, removes movement debuff, and cause damage to all opponents along the way
Expulso Charm 2 Rare Blast the area, knockback and dealing damage
Nebulus Charm 2 Rare Hide units within and apply minor healing. Opponent unit enters will reveal all hidden ally units and vice versa
The Monster Book of Monsters Summons 3 Rare Charges to target location, knockbacks enemy units along the way before attacking
Episkey Charm 3 Rare Heals a friendly unit, can be interrupted through control effects (except grounding)
Inflatus Charm 3 Rare Inflates, stun, and damage target area
Bewitched Snowballs Charm 3 Rare Roll a snowball, explodes when contact and creates a snowman, freezes its vicinity
Side-along Apparition Charm 3 Rare Next movement card changes to apparition; teleports caster and allies nearby to a target location and apply minor heal
Atmosphere Charm Charm 4 Rare Manifest a moveable storm cloud, zaps random enemy within its range, reduced healing when hit
Matagot Summons 4 Rare Attacks enemy, divides when health reduces to half, max 2 times
Protego Charm 4 Rare Applies shield to all ally units within target radius
Wizard Chess Pieces Summons 5 Rare Taunts nearby enemies. Lefts 2 stones when defeated and transforms to Queen, which gathers enemies and does area damage
Troll Summons 5 Rare Attacks enemies, every third attacks deals 160% of damage
Glacius Charm 5 Rare Damage up to 8 line-of-sight enemy units and create a frozen zone, reducing their speed and ultimately freeze and damage them
Erumpent Summons 5 Rare Charges to the closest enemy unit, wizard opponent is prioritized, does area damage and stun them for 1 second
Fire Crab Summons 5 Rare Stationary unit, attacks enemies within range (no turning); Receives reduced damage when out of combat
Acromantula Nest Summons 5 Rare Creates a spider nest which produces one tarantula at a time, an area of venom appears when the tarantula is defeated
Fwooper Summons 5 Rare Summons 2 woopers, flying around enemy units and scream, inflicting damage and terrorize them; wizard is immune to the debuff
Whomping Willow Summons 5 Rare Stationary unit, sweeps and damages nearby units in the front; periodically extends its branch and pulls enemies to itself
Aguamenti Charm 5 Rare Launches 10 jets of water, damage to first contact enemy unit and increased damage upon multiple hits
Blast-Ended Skrewt Summons 16 Rare Stationary unit, attacks random enemy unit periodically; 1 MP cost is reduced for each movement card is used

Tier B – Good Cards

Name Type MP Rarity Overview
Golden Snitch Summons 5 Legendary Regenerates MP and Movement Cards; Able to catch when health below half, grants movement cards and MP for all ally wizards
Protego Diabolica Charm 5 Legendary Creates a blue fire-ring, inflicting damage to enemies within; manifests fire dragons to attack the furthest enemy
Piertotum Locomotor Summons 6 Legendary Summon 2 statues, taunt and receive reduced damage when entering and for each 4 attacks
Baby Antipodean Opaleye Summons 6 Legendary Launches fireball to enemy units, inflicting area damage
Thunderstorm Charm 6 Legendary Casts 15 thunderstorm strikes at random enemy units, after 5 kills by thunderstorm, reamining strikes attack all enemy units, reduced healing when hit
Orb of Water Charm 6 Legendary Sucks enemy units into it, non-wizard units are stunned, wizard opponents are grounded
Fiendfyre Summons 7 Legendary Increases in size and attack strength when any unit on the scene is defeated; Simultaneously attacks 3 units after 12 units are defeated
Norwegian Ridgeback Egg Summons 7 Legendary Norwegian Ridgeback Egg heals itself and hatches at full health, then launch 3 fireballs at random enemy units
Phoenix Summons 7 Legendary Periodic area heals, return to ashes after death, repeats the lifecycle 3 times before returning to summoner’s deck

Tier C – Mediocre Cards

Name Type MP Rarity Overview
Swelling Solution Charm 2 Common Throws a bottle of swelling solution. All affected allies will increase their size, movement speed and attack speed
Oppugno Charm 2 Common Summon 6 conjured canaries around the caster, charge to and damage nearby opponent
Portkey Charm 2 Common Summon a portkey, teleport nearby allies and grant shield
Spiders Summons 3 Common Summon 6 spiders to attack enemy units
Incarcerous Charm 3 Common Pull all enemy units to target center and disable movement for a brief moment
Centaur Summons 3 Common Fires piercing arrows, inflict damage to all enemy units on the straight line
Cornish Pixies Summons 3 Common Summon 3 Cornish Pixies, they charge and attack when enemies are close by
Essence of Dittany Charm 3 Common Periodically heals the target area
Stupefy Charm 3 Common Damage and knockback the first contacted enemy unit, if the knockback collides with another unit, will stun and damage both
Acromantula Venom Charm 4 Common Infact the area, inflicting increasing periodic damage and movement debuff to enemy units within
Howler Charm 4 Common Send a Howler to target location, enemy units within its area receives damage, stunned, uncontrollable movements
Protego Totalum Charm 5 Common Casts a shield dome, absorbs damage and blocks some spell effects
Winged Catapult Summons 5 Common Periodically attacks multiple times the direction of the summoner, auto aim at same target upon first successful hit

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Tier List FAQs

How often is this tier list updated?

The frequency of updates to the tier list may vary, but it is typically updated periodically to reflect changes in the game’s meta.

How is this tier list determined?

The tier list is determined by considering a card’s overall power level and its effectiveness in various decks and strategies. It takes into account factors such as card synergies, versatility, and the current state of the game’s meta.

How important is a card’s rarity in determining its overall strength?

A card’s rarity can be a factor in determining its overall strength, as rarer cards may have unique abilities or synergies that are not available in common cards. However, rarity is not always an indicator of a card’s strength.

Are there any cards that are recommended for new players to acquire first?

There may be some cards that are recommended for new players to acquire first, such as versatile cards that can fit into many different decks. Some examples include – Stupefy and Erumpent.

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Do you agree with our rankings? Did we miss any card that you think should be included? Do let us know in the box below!

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