Harry Potter Magic Awakened Demiguise Card Guide & Overview

Have you heard about the latest summon card that’s causing a buzz in the brand new Harry Potter: Magic Awakened game? It’s called Demiguise, also known as the Invisible Monkey!

Now, hold your horses, because this card is not for the faint-hearted or the beginners among us.

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Post Summary:

  • The “Demiguise” is the newest summon card!
  • It is difficult to build a deck around due to the META in 1VS1 battles.
  • It should mainly be paired with Hagrid’s echoes.
  • When summoned, the Demiguise becomes instantly invisible and rushes towards the opponent, dealing high damage & jumping back if attacked.
  • It has a high health point pact with invisible abilities, making it challenging for opponents to avoid damage.

Demiguise Card Guide

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Demiguise Guide
Image by Clashiverse

You see, the Demiguise has been causing quite a stir in the META of 1VS1 battles on the Chinese server. It’s all because of Bellatrix, who has made it super challenging to build a deck with this elusive card. To help you master this card, I’ve got some unique tips to enable you maximize the power of this magical creature.

Before anything else, you’ll need to pair the Demiguise with some other powerful cards to secure an edge. Combine it with Hagrid’s echoes for a toxic combo. Also, include Baby Manticore, the Golden Snitch, and the Bombastic Bomb Box in your deck. All these units, when put together, can lead your opponents to a disadvantage situation and increase your chances of winning.

Let’s move on to the Demiguise itself. Because this card costs 6 mana to use, you’ll need to plan your moves carefully. When called, the Demiguise quickly becomes invisible and charges towards the opponent, showering serious damage. It doesn’t care whether there are other enemy units on the field; it’s only interested in taking down its target.

Things start to get interesting when the Demiguise is attacked and loses a certain percentage of its life points. It will return to invisible mode and will again rush back towards the opponent, ready to let out its destruction.

Overall, this card serves as a hidden weapon for those who want to surprise their opponents and dish out some serious damage. It’s got super high health points and can turn invisible, making it an effective powerhouse.

However, handling this card can be tricky. Its attacks are so powerful that opponents have a hard time dodging them. That means you’ll have a major edge in battle.

So, if you’re all about catching your opponents off guard and unleashing massive damage, the Demiguise is your go-to card.

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