Harry Potter Magic Awakened McGonagall Deck Build

Looking to master the best McGonagall Deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? Well, you’re in for a magical treat!

In this guide, I’ve got the inside scoop on the ultimate deck build for McGonagall, the one and only professor extraordinaire. This deck build is all about spamming spells on your opponent, stacking up mana, and summoning Locomotor for some serious wizarding havoc.

I’ll even spill the beans on some handy allies for this deck along the way.

Best Magic Awakened McGonagall Deck Build Guide

best McGonagall Deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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Harry Echo: Your SpellBook Advantage

To fully exploit McGonagall’s strengths, I recommend including the Harry Echo card in your deck. This card provides a valuable bonus that reduces disadvantage on SpellBook levels, giving you the upper hand in battles. While Harry excels in low-cost spells, this deck is designed to incorporate a mix of spell types for versatile gameplay.

Precision Strikes: Ashwinder and More

While Harry’s strength is in low-cost spells, this deck is built to be multi-type. This means we can remove the opposing swarm units with precise spells like Ashwinder. This powerful spell will ensure that no opponent can stand up to McGonagall’s power. Use it wisely, and your opponents will give up before you.

Timing is Everything: Summoning Locomotor

When McGonagall is fully charged and ready to go, our next move is to stack up mana and then release an outburst of spam spells. This lets you to summon the powerful Locomotor card, surprising your opponents and giving you an enormous advantage in battle. Make sure that you properly plan your moves and strike when the time is right.

Trusted Allies: Baby-Manticore and Puppy

To keep things in check, I recommend that you include the Baby-Manticore card to prevent excessive use of movement cards. This will help you maintain control over the arena. Additionally, Puppy will serve as a resilient tank, standing strong alongside McGonagall and her allies.

Troublemakers: Bellatrix and Opaleyes

Bellatrix and Opaleyes are real troublemakers that must be dealt with quickly if you are facing them using this deck. Their disruptive abilities can cause quite a headache, so counter them carefully and eliminate them as soon as possible using spam cards.

Mind Your Strategy: Interruption and Animation

While it’s tempting to block McGonagall’s walking path, be aware of the risks involved, especially when facing opponents with massive area damage spells. Instead, consider allowing her to move freely and focus on interrupting her walking animation with your spell spamming. This tactic will keep your opponents on their toes and give you the upper hand in any duel.

Unlocking Full Potential: Echoes and Solo PvP

To unlock McGonagall’s true potential, combine her abilities with Harry’s echo, Hermione’s low-cost spell cycle, and Newt in solo PvP battles. This deadly combination will make you conquer any challenge.

So there you have it! I finally conclude this carefully curated McGonagall deck build in Magic Awakened.

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