Hagrid Locomotor Deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Welcome to the detailed guide on the Hagrid Locomotor Deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. This deck is all about using the ultimate power of Hagrid and his trusty companions to dominate the arena.

So grab your wand and let’s dive in!

Hagrid Locomotor Deck Guide

Echo Effect:

The main feature of the Hagrid Locomotor Deck is the Echo effect, which boosts the attack speed of your highest cost summon, in this case, Locomotor. Additionally, Locomotor heals when it takes damage, allowing it to sustain itself in battles. The healing effect triggers multiple times when Locomotor’s health drops to a certain threshold, making it difficult to defeat.

Card Synergies and Strategies:

  • Locomotor: The centrepiece of the deck, Locomotor is a high-cost summon that benefits from the Echo’s effect. It gains healing when it takes damage, making it a resilient and powerful unit.
  • Niffler: Provides consistent MP generation, allowing you to cast spells and summon units more frequently. It helps you maintain a steady flow of offensive and defensive actions.
  • Bomb Box: Adds extra damage to all your units, making them more effective in combat. It’s particularly potent when combined with Pixies or during pushes.
  • Hooper: It is a great card for clearing large enemies or creating distractions. Self-destructing Hooper spawns multiple units, overwhelming your opponents and creating chaos on the battlefield.
  • Thunderstorm: Acts as a defensive tool, pushing back enemy units and disrupting their attacks. Use it strategically to counter rushes or control the flow of battle.
  • Swelling Potion: Enhances the attack and movement speed of your cards. Use it during pushes to amplify the effectiveness of your units and overwhelm your opponents with speed and damage.
  • Pixies: Are quick and powerful flying units. They synergize well with Bomb Box, dealing significant damage to enemy units. Deploy them strategically to take down high-value targets.
  • Cats: Mostly sturdy units that can hold off enemy pushes. When defeated, they split into smaller units, prolonging their usefulness and creating more opportunities for damage.
  • Confringo: It is a powerful spell that can clear swarms of troops. Use it when you’re overwhelmed or to gain control over certain areas of the battlefield.

Companion Cards:

  • Twins: They are versatile companion cards that can be used in various Echoes. They provide additional support and flexibility to your deck.
  • Lottie: Similar to Niffler, generating MP over time. Having both Lottie and Niffler on the board increases your MP generation, allowing for faster spell casting and unit summoning.
  • Hagrid: He provides two additional movement cards, allowing you to navigate the battlefield more efficiently. These extra movement options can help you clear out enemy units or create advantageous positions.

And that concludes our detailed guide on the Hagrid Locomotor Deck! We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding the intricacies of this powerful deck.

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