Harry Potter Magic Awakened Bellatrix Echo Deck Guide

Today, I’ve an exciting deck for you in this guide. I will present my special Harry Potter Magic Awakened Bellatrix Echo deck.

This deck served as my mainstay throughout an entire season, and I’m thrilled to share its intricacies with you all.

So, let’s delve into each card’s purpose and unravel the magic behind this Bellatrix deck build.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Bellatrix Echo Deck Build

Bellatrix Echo Deck Guide
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Bella’s Echo

Let’s start with Bellatrix herself. Her special ability is truly remarkable. Every time you damage your opponent, your Fallen Bar gets filled up by 4. Each hit contributes to this bar, and when it reaches 124, you summon the mighty Death Eaters.

The first summon brings forth one Death Eater, followed by two on the second summon, and an incredible three on the third. The goal is to reach this point swiftly to unleash their power.


This card is a versatile and cost-effective flying unit. With a spell cost of just three, Pixies can dish out huge damage, especially when combined with Bomb Box. It plays a crucial role in the deck, even though there aren’t many Death Eater units that can benefit from it directly.

Bomb Box

It is a game-changer card in the game. Although you may have only a few Death Eater units, Bomb Box remains an integral part of the deck. Its ability to increase the damage output, particularly when used with Pixies, is truly remarkable.

Atmospheric Charm

It is a pretty annoying card for your opponents. An effective nuisance, causing enemies to continually move around and waste their movement cards. It’s particularly useful against spammy units and can disrupt your opponent’s strategies.

The Book

This powerful companion needs no introduction. You can strategically place it wherever you desire, and it serves as an excellent counter against Nebulus, Sniffler, and Bomb Box, among others. The Book is a straightforward yet vital component of this deck.


A big damage dealer in this deck, delivering a barrage of hits. It’s the ideal card to use when playing Bellatrix, as the aim is to accumulate hits swiftly and upgrade her ability to summon the Death Eaters. It is very good counter to big boys like Locomotor.


These cute little creatures play a critical role as counters to spam decks and heavy opponents such as Opalai. Their combination with Bomb Box can prove to be exceptionally frustrating for your opponents.


A reliable first-play companion, she shines in the early stages of the game. Playing her in a corner provides a certain degree of safety, forcing opponents to overspend their resources to eliminate her.


A must-play card in this deck. Her combination with Thunderstorm is simply fantastic. It’s challenging to find a replacement for her, as any substitute would pale in comparison.


Lastly, we have Hagrid, who offers a little extra movement and health. While not the flashiest card in the deck, it complements the overall strategy and can provide the necessary edge in challenging situations.

Small Spells

Inflatus and Expulso are your handy small spells in this deck build. They provide you with options to clear the board and deal with spam units effectively. Inflatus is especially powerful when used on an enemy with a Death Eater on the board, as it sends them flying and does decent damage.

So, there you have it! This is my Bellatrix deck build, and it has brought me countless hours of enjoyment and success. It’s a deck built on hitting opponents and summoning the scariest Death Eaters.

Remember, never shy away from playing Thunderstorm, and keep your Book close for effective counters.

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