Unwavering Soul Tier List Wiki & Guide for Weapons 2023

Greetings, brave soul! Are you prepared to enter the dark world of Unwavering Soul, where danger lurks at every corner? As you journey through the underground world, you’ll need more than just determination to survive.

That’s where the role of best weapons in Unwavering Soul Weapons comes into play. But here’s the rub: with a plethora of lethal weapons, how can you discern which ones are truly worth your precious time and effort?

Fret not, for our Unwavering Soul tier list is here to provide you with an expert analysis of the top weapons that will make you a true force in the underground.

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Unwavering Soul Tier List (Best Weapons)

Not all weapons made the cut in our Unwavering Soul Weapons tier list. We’ve weeded out the weaklings and ranked only the true battle royale champions. Our goal is to provide you with the best tier list possible to help you survive the dangers of the underworld.

Unwavering Soul Tier S Weapons


Jovilscythe is the most wicked weapon which packs a serious punch with a hefty 750,000 base damage. You can unleash devastating attacks in rapid succession with a quick 1-second cooldown. Also, it has a range of 12, so you’ll be able to keep your enemies at bay.


The KONGPOWER is a powerhouse of a weapon, packing a massive 250,000 base damage with a fast 1 second cooldown. Its range of 90 allows you to strike enemies from a safe distance.


The LONGSTICK may be long in name, but it’s short on range with only 25. However, it makes up for it with a solid 120,000 base damage and a quick 1 second cooldown. It’s a reliable option for up-close combat.

Unwavering Soul Tier A Weapons


Pyrokinesis is a unique weapon offering a versatile range of attacks, from throwing fireballs at a distance with a range of 25, to instantly killing enemies up close with 250,000 base damage. What’s more, every third use unleashes a powerful fist that deals triple the base damage.

Although it has a longer 6-second cooldown, Pyrokinesis hits three times in one go, making it a powerful weapon for strategic combat.

Eraser Saber

The Eraser Saber is a fearsome weapon with 465,000 base damage. It has a super fast 0.9 second cooldown, allowing you to unleash rapid attacks. Although it has a limited range of 9, it’s perfect for close combat.

Deity Block

The Deity Block is a mighty weapon that packs a punch with its impressive 435,000 base damage. It has a reasonable 1 second cooldown, allowing you to dish out powerful attacks. With a range of 12, it gives you a decent reach in battle.

Snatcher’s Gift

Snatcher’s Gift delivers a solid blow with its 235,000 base damage. It is designed to hit the target 8 times, making it a best choice for dealing massive damage. With a range of 200, you can strike from a safe distance.

Additionally, Snatcher’s Gift also acts as a shield destroyer allowing you to break through enemy defenses. Despite its longer 10-second cooldown, this weapon is a game-changer in battle.

Unwavering Soul Tier B Weapons

UPD OOF Blaster

UPD OOF Blaster requires to invest 1,700 TP and 2 Resets to unlock its power. It has a hefty 138,333 base damage and deals 3x damage when the enemy has only 25% HP remaining, making it a deadly choice for finishing off weakened opponents.

With a 1.6-second cooldown and a range of 50, you can do heavy damage quickly.


SnansBlade packs a punch with its impressive 355,000 base damage. With a swift 0.9-second cooldown and a range of 9, it lets you strike quickly and efficiently.

Multiverse Scythe

The Multiverse Scythe is a deadly weapon that can slice opponents with 345,000 base damage. It has a fast 1-second cooldown and a total range of 12.

Unwavering Soul Tier C Weapons

Tesla Knife

It is located in the Infinite Realm and normally falls short in terms of its performance. With a low base damage of 34,000, a short range of 6, and a quick 0.8-second cooldown, it may not be ideal for many players.

The requirement of 25 TP may also be a hurdle for some, making it a less appealing choice.

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