Apex Girls Tier List June 2024: Best characters to pick!

Apex Girls, an all new waifu-collecting RPG by Neorigin Games Publishing, has got everything a gacha-loving degenerate like myself could ask for.

Beautiful Stellaris girls with crazy powers? Check. Tons of free pulls and easy-to-get SSRs? Double check. AFK gameplay that lets you level up while you sleep? Hell yeah, triple check!

But with so many gorgeous characters to choose, building the ultimate team can get a bit difficult. That’s where I come in!

I have curated this Apex Girls tier list that will act as your roadmap, guiding you to building your dream team.

Apex Girls Tier List: Best characters!

SSREvelyn, Vinessa
SSLeila, Irena, Herkina
STsubaki, Lilyer, Loree, Lecori, Selis
AAngel, Katie, Anatasia, Charlotte
BSusan, Magdalena, Cristina, Coral
CAddie, Alpha
Apex Girls tier list table

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Apex Girls?

Apex Girls is an anime-style mobile RPG featuring waifus with superpowers called “Stellaris.”

You lead these beautiful warriors against monstrous “Ruin Mechinas” to save the world, all while collecting outfits, unlocking stories, and enjoying casual AFK gameplay.

Is it easy to get characters in Apex Girls?

You get 10 free summons every day for a year, a free SSR character, and the option to pick your favorite SSR within 200 draws. This generous gacha system allows you to build a strong team in no time.

How accurate is this Apex Girls tier list?

This tier list is mainly based on personal experience, community feedback, and analysis of current meta trends.

While no tier list is perfect, it should give you a solid foundation for building a strong team.

And that’s a rundown of our best characters in Apex Girls tier list. To see more similar stuff, be sure to check our guides below: