Kingdom The Blood Tier List: Based on early speculations

Before you start flaming me in the comments, remember this Kingdom The Blood tier list is just my opinion based on what I’ve seen so far.

The game’s still in early stages, so things could change anytime. But for now, here’s how I see the characters stacking up.

Now, let’s get to the character tier list!

Kingdom: The Blood (S Tier Characters)

  • Ouki
  • Houken
  • Riboku
  • Yotanwa
  • Moubu

Kingdom: The Blood (A Tier Characters)

  • Kyou Kai
  • Shin
  • Kanmei
  • Renpa
  • Tou

Kingdom: The Blood (B Tier Characters)

  • Ouhon
  • Mouten
  • Keisha
  • Karin
  • Duke Hyou

Kingdom: The Blood (C Tier Characters)

  • Heki
  • Shouheikun
  • Gohoumei
  • Kyoukai
  • Kanki

About Kingdom: The Blood

Kingdom: The Blood is an action RPG based on the Netflix miniseries “Kingdom,” plunging you into a zombie-infested Joseon era Korea.

Genre: Action RPG with survival horror elements.

Setting: Joseon Dynasty ravaged by a mysterious plague turning people into rabid, flesh-eating monsters.

Gameplay: Fight through hordes of zombies using different characters with unique weapons and skills. Upgrade your character, craft equipment, and build defenses to survive. Face various bosses and complete quests in both single-player and online co-op modes.

Story: You can weave your own path through the chaos, encountering familiar faces from the show, like Prince Lee Chang and his trusted bodyguard Mu-yeong. Investigate the plague’s origins, unravel political conspiracies, and battle for survival in a crumbling kingdom.

Key Features:

  • Intense action combat against hordes of zombies.
  • Diverse character pool with unique skills and abilities.
  • Single-player campaign and online co-op mode.
  • Crafting and resource management for base building and survival.
  • Gripping story that expands the Kingdom universe.

That’s it for my Kingdom The Blood tier list! Feel free to share your own thoughts and rankings.