Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List February 2024: Best Hero Guide!

I know, choosing the best characters in Soul Strike game by Com2uS is like picking your squad for the apocalypse. You need the baddest dudes to crush zombies, vampires, dragons, and what not to farm loot and climb the leaderboards.

But with over 50 heroes in the mix, it’s enough to make your brain explode trying to figure out who’s who. So to make it easy for you to create a team, I’ve spent more hours grinding this game than I care to admit, and I’m here with this amazing Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List.

So let’s go through this ultimate Soul Strike tier list, ranked from S-tier legends to C-tier dust bunnies.

We’ll talk about the MVPs, the leading attackers, the ones who’ll carry you through every dungeon or boss trials.

Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List: Our Best Character Picks!

SCharlotteDamage Dealer/Sub-HealerKing Slime every 20 sec (3092.1% ATK to all enemies, -20% Earth Resistance, +56% DMG and ATK to allies)
SDeliaDamage DealerButterfly Ripple every 15 sec (2319.3% ATK to all enemies, -20% Wind Resistance, Barrier equal to 5% of damage dealt, +56% DMG and ATK to allies)
SMonaSupportMagic Tide every 9.5 sec (1547.5% ATK to all enemies, AoE healing by 773.8% of her attack, +20% AoE at evolve three)
AAkariDamage Dealer/DoTFoxfire every 13 sec (189.5% ATK every 0.25 sec, burn effect for 11.3% ATK every 0.25 sec for 10 sec, knockback at evolve three)
AMinaDamage DealerRailgun every 6 sec (649.4% ATK to all enemies, rear blast of 400% ATK, slows enemies by 30% at evolve three, +56% DMG and ATK to allies)
AVioletSupportButterfly’s Blessing every 30 sec (Mana butterfly, +150% HP Recovery per second, +29.8% ATK SPD, +50% effect duration at evolve three)
BVesperDamage DealerBasic attack (6% chance to send bat for 847.2% ATK Damage, Fear effect for 4 sec, bounces up to three times, +70% bounce at evolve three)
BDukeDamage DealerGreatsword strike every 12 sec (400% ATK as Physical Damage, pull enemies, +1594.9% ATK as Fire Damage, +30% AoE at evolve three, 2 sec stun at evolve three)
CNikeSupportBasic attack (7% chance to initiate Fury state, +30% Movement Speed, +49.8% ATK SPD for 5 sec, +100% duration at evolve three)
Soul Strike tier list table above

Soul Strike Tier List: FAQs, Answered

What’s a tier list, and why is it important in Soul Strike?

So, a tier list is like making a list of the best characters in the Soul Strike game. It helps show which heroes are super strong and awesome in battles.

Are B Tier characters good too in this Soul Strike tier list?

Yup! B tier heroes are good, but not the best. They still help a lot, especially for beginners learning the game. Some example of decent heroes in this tier are: Vesper and Duke.

Tell me about Vesper’s power!

Vesper is a speedy bat friend! When he attacks, there’s a chance he sends a bat that scares enemies. The bat bounces around, hitting enemies multiple times!

What can Duke do?

Duke is a strong fire hero! Every 12 seconds, he hits the ground with a big sword, pulls enemies, and then makes a fire explosion.

What does S Tier mean?

Heroes in the S tier are the bestest and can help you win the game really easily. Charlotte, Delia, and Mona are good examples of strong heroes in S tier.

What does Charlotte do?

Charlotte is like a magical princess who makes a big slime friend every 20 seconds. The slime helps her friends by hitting enemies really hard and even heals them when they pick up little slime pieces!

Tell me about Delia!

She sends lots of pretty butterflies every 15 seconds that make enemies weaker. Plus, she makes a protective barrier and boosts her teammate’s power!

Who is Mona, and what does she do?

Mona is the best helper! She has a magic move called Magic Tide that hurts enemies and heals friends. She’s like a super good nurse for your team!

Remember, this Soul Strike tier list is just a guide to get you started. Experiment, discover new strategies, and have fun in the game!

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