Ark Battle Girls Tier List June 2024: Best characters guide

Investing in the right hero in Ark Battle Girls might be challenging because the game offers many characters; therefore, our Ark Battle Girls tier list can help you prioritize for the best characters during June 2024 meta.

In Ark Battle Girls, you’re a super powerful skywalker who gets to collect unique heroines, each with awesome skills. Train them up, build your dream team, and crush enemies in battle with crazy combos!

The game now has over 50 characters, and you’ll need to spend hours unlocking them using the summoning system. However, the roster is rather large, so picking the right characters can offer a significant edge in your fights.

With that said, if you’re wondering which characters to choose in Ark Battle Girls, then keep reading as our tier list with help you identify the top ones.

Ark Battle Girls Idle RPG Tier List

SGavin, Minita
ALachesis, Crosso, Mandy, Arachne, Titania
BHazy, Alan, Jasmine, Green Paper, Love Laughlin, Clarks
CRoche, East, Camilia, Hermila, Deber
DWeier, Lululi

Frequently Asked Question

Who needs this Ark Battle Girls tier list?

The tier list can be helpful for new players who are overwhelmed by the large number of characters in Ark Battle Girls. It provides a good idea of which characters are strong and worth focusing on.

But, remember that tier lists are not for everyone as different characters can shine in different situations, and personal preference ultimately matters.

My favorite character isn’t high on this Ark Battle Girls tier list. Should I stop using them?

Not necessarily! Use this tier list as a guideline, not a rule. If you enjoy playing a particular character and find them useful, stick with them!

How often is this Ark Battle Girls tier list updated?

The frequency of updates depends on the developers and how often the game meta changes. Some tier lists may be updated weekly or bi-weekly, while others may only be updated when major game updates or balance changes occur.

So, that completes our Ark Battle Girls tier list, which includes all major characters to use in June 2024. If you’re interested in more, check out our other guides and tier lists: