Unknown Knights Tier List for May 2024 Meta!

Are you tired of randomly selecting pixel knights for your team? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? Fear not, my new and updated The Unknown Knights tier list has got your back.

This guide analyses each character and rates them according to their potential and strengths so you can make wise selections. No more guesswork or blind choices! Trust the tier list and dominate the competition.

Who knows, you might even discover a hidden gem that everyone else overlooked.

So, without ado, let’s get ranking!

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Unknown Knights Tier List (Best Characters)

The game features a variety of characters from powerful warriors to stealthy assassins, the Unknown Knights has them all.

Unknown Knights Character Tier List 1
image by clashiverse

Let’s break down some characters you can find in the above Unknown Knights character tier list.

First up, we have Agnes — the credit DPS child of the credit. She deals an abundant amount of AOE damage and has beautiful, eye-catching skills. Plus, if you pair her up with Aqua, her horror damage is off the charts. Since she’s currently on a banner rate up and has an event going on, it’s definitely worth rolling for her!

Next, we have Asura — the strongest single target damage knight in the game. With the ability to continuously hit critical hits, he can line up in front of the enemy for a sudden death blow. However, to obtain him, you’ll need to work hard to explore and can only exchange him from there. So don’t count on rolling him out from the gacha.

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Amber and Metal are both solid choices at the beginning of the game if you are looking for some great bow characters. Their damage is quite good, especially if you have a solid tank to support them.

Winter, Eclipsa, and Ravia are three assassins who excel at jumping behind enemy lines to take out high-priority targets. They’re especially useful in PvP battles, although they may struggle on the narrow Leo map.

Tristan is an AOE archer, but his damage output might be fairly low because his skill hikes with attack speed.

About Violet, she’s not a popular option because some players can find her ability set monotonous because of her lengthy cooldowns. But why not give her a shot and see whether she would work well with your team?

Lilith is a somewhat mysterious character. She might not be the most preferred option, but some players adore her. Give her a chance and try to bring out the best in her.

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Unknown Knights Character Tier List 2
image by clashiverse

Bernhard is the ultimate tank in the game, with his super-buffalo powers and a skill that reduces the amount of damage received. He can survive even the most difficult battles, so no surprise that he’s a top-tier tank.

But what if Bernhard is not available? Don’t worry, meet Wilhelm — while he might not reduce damage, he makes up for it with a skill that increases his defense. So, you can confidently use him to protect your team from enemy attacks.

Let’s now talk about Desmos, my favourite tank. He is a great option because of his skill, which boosts resistance depending on the quantity of enemies hit. He can also become just as powerful as the game’s best tanks if you provide him the right skills.

If you don’t have the tanks listed above, Reon and Solum are still decent options. But, let’s be honest, they can’t quite match up to the likes of Bernhard and Desmos.

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Let’s not forget about Hilda and Asura. Even though they are not tanks and are instead knights, they may still be used as a defence. But, when evaluated against the strength of the previous tanks, they fall behind.

So, unless you have no other options, it’s best to stick with Bernhard, Wilhelm, Desmos, Reon, or Solum for your tank needs.

Do you have any questions about this Unknown Knights tier list? Do you think we ranked them correctly? Did we forget to mention any new characters? Let us know in the comments box below.