Type://Revenge Tier List April 2024: Best Class Guide!

I’ve been testing all the available classes in Roblox Type:Revenge lately, and let me tell you, some of these are SPICY, while others…well, let’s just say they leave you feeling like you just ate a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal.

So, before you spend your hard-earned Robux credits on useless classes, check out my definitive (well, mostly definitive) ranking of all the classes in this Type:Revenge tier list!

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Type://Revenge Tier List: All Classes Ranked from Best to Worst

Before we begin, let clear some basic things first!

It’s 45 SP for every class and each class NPC requires you to grip 10 elite grades within a 30-minute time span.

Side Note: Grips cannot be from the same faction. However, you can grip the same player 10 times to finish the quest line.

Tier S

Kendo Specialist

Skill: World Bisection


  • 45 Kendo
  • 10 elite grade grips within a 30 minute time-span.
  • Found at the top of the sokyuku (near the hunt podium)

Hakuda Specialist

Skill: Soukotsu


  • 45 Hakuda
  • 10 elite grade grips within a 30 minute time-span.
  • Located at hueco inside the castle.

Tier A

Arrancar Kido Specialist


  • 45 kido (as an arrancar)
  • 10 Elite grade grips within a 30 minute time-span.


Skill: Aggression

Passive: Instinct now applies at 40% instead of 20%. The following moves now have less cooldown, more damage and slightly more size:

  • Cero Grab
  • Finger Cero
  • Cero Cornea
  • Blade Cero
  • Tri Cero

Location: Hueco (art of soul zone)

Soul Reaper Kido Specialist

Skill: Shinten Raiho

Passive: Universal Kido Cooldown reduced 2–>1.65

Location: in zone for art of soul raids

Tier B

Medic Specialist: Healing Specialist

Skill: Isolate (creates a barrier which you can only walk through)


  • 45 healing
  • 10 elite grade grips within a 30-minute time span (Can be the same)

Passive: Antiheal only debuffs healing by 50% now.

Remember, this is just my take, space aces! The true Type://Revenge tier list lies in your own piloting skills and play style.

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