Atelier Resleriana Tier List & Reroll Guide (Best Heroes in February 2024)

Feeling a bit like a pixelated wanderer in the vast universe of Atelier Resleriana? Puzzled about which heroes should be the VIPs in your dream team? Fear not, because we’ve concocted a magical potion – an Atelier Resleriana tier list that’s your secret cheat code.

From S-tier powerhouses like Resna and Ryza to hidden gems like Yudi and Asha, we’ll help to identify all the best characters in Atelier Resleriana you can use to build the perfect squad for crushing enemies.

Bonus: We’ll also share some pro reroll tips and highlight key heroes to target that will act as a strong base for your team.

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Atelier Resleriana Tier List (All Characters Ranked)

Editor’s Note: The information in this Atelier Resleriana tier list is based on community opinion and my own experience, and may not reflect the views of all players.

SSResna, Izana, Valeria, Saskia, Heidi, Roman, Lanze
SAsha, Yudi, Firis, Tao, Tess, Corneria, Escha, Shallistera, Flocke, Lent, Ryza
ALogy, Roze, Cuderia, Rorona, Esti, Yksel, Vain, Oscar, Monika
BJudie, Viorate, Antje, Marion, Totori, Meruru, Keithgriff
CGeron, Criselda, Walther, Lara, Crow

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Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide

Now we will walk you through the complete process of rerolling in Atelier Resleriana, so you can craft your dream team from the get-go.

The Basics:

  • What is rerolling? Simply put, it’s restarting the game after your first gacha pull to try again for better heroes.
  • Why reroll? A strong starting team makes a world of difference, especially in early-game content. Top-tier heroes can carry you through challenging levels.

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The Reroll Steps:

  1. Download Atelier Resleriana.
  2. Start the game and skip the prologue.
  3. Claim all gifts from your mailbox.
  4. Play through the tutorial until you reach your first gacha pull.
  5. Did you get who you wanted?
    • Yes: Congrats, you’re a master alchemist! Enjoy your powerful team.
    • No: Fear not, Just follow these steps:
      • Go to the Menu > Data Management.
      • Tap “Delete Player Data” and confirm.
      • Repeat steps 2-5 until you’re satisfied.

Hero Hunting Tips

Now, who should you be aiming for during this reroll process? Here are a few top picks:

  • Asha: This wind-healer is a lifesaver, with full party heals and damage reduction.
  • Yudi: This fire-defender nullifies enemy attacks and throws on decent damage debuffs.
  • Resna: Boost your team’s firepower and recovery speed with this critical-buffing support queen.

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We hope that our Atelier Resleriana tier list helps you build a strong team that can help you win in tough boss battles.

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