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This Avatar Generations beginners guide looks into abilities, elements, stats, attributes, skill level, and other aspects of heroes in the game.

Released by “CDE Entertainment“, Avatar Generations utilizes the existing mechanics of tactical RPG archetypes and pulls some amazingly innovative things with them. You will be recruiting heroes such as Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki from the Avatar universe and creating teams to embark on various adventures across the Four Nations.

Avatar Generations Beginners Guide Wiki

Each hero in the game has 4 basic stats: HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD.

Health Points, or HP, indicate how much damage a hero can withstand before dying in battle. The base damage value required to determine the impact of a hero’s talents during combat is called ATK. The damage mitigation value, or DEF, is based on how much damage the hero can withstand. The order of turns in battle is determined by the hero’s SPD, or speed in relation to other heroes. With the exception of SPD, the fundamental stats go better as the hero levels up.

The hero also has 4 secondary stats: Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Accuracy, and Resistance.

The probability that an attack will critically strike and inflict extra damage is known as the crit rate. The additional damage inflicted on a critical hit is known as crit damage. The opportunity for the hero to give the opponent a negative status effect is known as accuracy. A hero’s chance to stop a negative status effect from being applied to them is known as resistance. The only ways to acquire secondary stats are through the effects of equipment and skills; they do not increase with level

Each hero falls into one of 5 attribute types: Offense, Defense, Mind, Chaos, and Peace.

These define the hero’s combat style of play and approach. Each hero is also assigned to one of five element groups: water, earth, fire, air, or special. The element category determines the type of hero the character is and the ultimate skill combinations they can use.

Avatar Generations Hero Guide

What is Battle Rating?

Think of Battle Rating as a score that tells you how strong a hero is in the Avatar Generations game. This score is calculated based on a few things like the hero’s overall strength, the level of their skills and their mastery of those skills, and the equipment they have. Basically, the higher the Battle Rating, the stronger the hero is.

How to upgrade your Heroes?

You can raise the hero’s level through combat and making use of special training scrolls. A hero’s HP, ATK, and DEF stats will also increase as they level up.

What is Ascension and Enlightenment for heroes?

Heroes start with a max level of 10. Once they reach that level, they can be Ascended using special items. Ascending increases the hero’s max level by 10. On the 7th Ascension, a hero can become Enlightened by using Ascension items and a Faction Talisman.

How does Skill Level and Skill Coins work for heroes?

All heroes have a base skill level of 1, which can be raised to 6. The damage dealt by a hero improves with skill level. Skill Coins, which may be generic or unique to a certain hero, can be used to raise your skill level. A hero’s duplicate will be turned into a skill coin when you acquire it.

How can you increase Hero Skill Mastery Level?

To increase Skill Mastery Level heroes can complete challenges. Each set of challenges will lead to a battle that will unleash a hero’s talent and grant them new skills. Remember, only up to four levels of skill mastery can be assigned to each hero and their skill.

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