Best Decks in DC Dual Force (Updated for December 2023)

DC Dual Force is a popular card game featuring classic DC characters, allowing you to build decks and compete in intense online PvP combat.

We’ll look at some of the best decks in DC Dual Force game that are presently ruling the meta in this guide.

We will also thoroughly dissect each deck in DC Dual Force and show you how to get the most of each one in the arena.

So, let’s get going!

Best Decks in DC Dual Force

Batman + Aquaman Combo Deck
By Clashiverse

Batman + Aquaman Combo Deck

Batman and Aquaman is the dynamic duo that’s causing quite a stir in the game. Some even call this combo the best deck in DC Dual Force and it’s no surprise.

We’ve tested different decks on tabletop simulator, and this one is the benchmark. If any other deck can keep up with this one, it’s worth exploring further.

This Batman and Aquaman combo deck is a fusion of the best deck and the mono-red or mono-might ramp deck I’ve played before. It’s like running Wonder Woman, but with a twist. The blue cards add some fantastic tempo with the gadgets.

In this deck, we’ve got some awesome bronze and silver cards. Starting with Alfred, he’s always a winner, helping us manage our hand and get those gadgets ready. Not to mention the Batwing, the Batcycle, and the Grapnel Gun – they add a lot of spice to the mix!

Then, we’ve got the legendary Black Adam to take down big guys, and Aquaman with his fantastic ability to summon sea creatures.

I’ve had some epic moments with Aquaman’s effect, especially when summoning sea creatures. Sometimes, there’s a bit of anti-synergy with other cards, but once you understand the interactions, you’ll be in total control of the board.

Now, I’ve been testing this deck for quite some time, and it’s been quite the journey. Sometimes, I’ve faced tough opponents like Green Lantern and Black Adam, but I managed to recover and secure some amazing wins.

And let me tell you, Aquaman’s ability is my absolute favorite! There’s just something about summoning those sea creatures and turning the odds in your favor.

Flash + Wonder Woman Combo Deck
By Clashiverse

Flash + Wonder Woman Combo Deck

This Flash Deck is all about speed and aggression that will give your opponent a proper thrashing right from the get-go. You got the Flash and Wonder Woman combo, a real dynamic duo, making it super aggressive.

Both leaders have a two-turn cooldown on their abilities, and the Flash will be your main card because he can attack not once, but twice!

The deck is all about the bronze and silver cards. You start off with some free cards like Mace, giving your team some buffs, and Ambush Bug, a quick unit who sticks around if he manages to take someone down.

Then we move on to the silver cards, like Red Tornado, a real flurry of attacks, gaining strength when played after another character attacks. And there’s Firestorm, who deals out damage based on the other cards you play.

And when it comes to the golden cards, we got Truth and Justice, giving permanent buffs to your characters. But the real showstopper is Shazam! He can transform into Billy Batson and back in no time.

The legendary Superman is an absolute legend. He’s got Shields and invincibility for leaders up front, keeping them safe and sound. And our main unit Flash himself, he’s invincible on your turn, with speed to boot and an energy card ready ability.

This deck’s a real menace. It can bring down opponents in a blink of an eye, and the best part is, it’s off meta! So, your enemies won’t see it coming, and you’ll have them shocked.

Joker + Lex Luthor Combo Deck
By Clashiverse

Joker + Lex Luthor Combo Deck

Joker Deck in DC Dual Force is a real hoot, packed with aggression and a touch of control to keep your opponents at bay. First off, we’ve got the Joker, a right aggressive leader, and on the other side, we’ve got Lex Luthor, more on the passive side but can knock out the big guys.

In aggressive decks, tackling the big guys can be a real bother, because you might not have single-target removal. But that’s where Lex Luthor comes in, straight out of The Tyranny section, and he’s got a bunch of Arkham inmates to help.

Now, check out the curve up top there. It’s a real in-your-face deck, chock-full of bronze, a fair share of silvers, and just three golden cards. It is all about hammering down as many cards as possible right from the get-go.

Starting with the freebies, we got the Brainiac drone, a card that not only gives you a free draw but also protects the back row. Plus, you can use Lex Luthor’s ability on it to draw three cards for free.

Then, we got kite man, another Arkham inmate, and he’s all about bringing on the aggression. Now, moving on to the bronze cards, we got “Mob Justice,” a single-target removal that complements Lex Luthor’s ability just fine.

And then we have “The Riddler,” one of the best Arkham inmates in the deck. And don’t overlook the “Mad Hatter.” the stats might be a bit weak, but it buffs up your gang, and you can always protect it in the early game with one of your other cards.

Now, “Punchline” is the bee’s knees when it comes to the Joker. When a card mentions the name of a leader, you better believe it fits right in! This card’s lethal and boosts up the Joker’s firepower, making it a real power play.

And we can’t forget “Partners in Crime” – summoning two 3/1s for just one bronze card. Not to mention, they’re all Arkham inmates, which means if you got something like Clayface out, you’ll be buffing them up big time!

Moving on to the silvers, “Jailbreak” is a real game-changer. You’re summoning two bronze Arkham inmates from the top half of your deck.

“Bane” is another standout. Though not too sturdy, if he can attack a leader, they’re exhausted for good! Last but not least, we got “The Joker” himself. When a friendly Arkham inmate bites the dust, this card deals four damage to a random enemy.

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