Best Raging Giant Challenge Decks in Clash Royale (2024)

The new Raging Giant Challenge in Clash Royale introduces a guide Raging Giant landing on the arena.

So, let’s find out makes this Raging Giant event tick and hook you up with the best Raging Giant Challenge decks that’ll help you wreck your opponents and lock in some sweet three crown victories.

Raging Giant
By Supercell

Understanding the Raging Giant Event

First, let’s break down the basics of the Raging Giant event. Don’t worry, the main rules of Clash Royale are still the same old deal, but this event throws a total curveball by dropping in the Raging Giant.

The moment you toss that Raging Giant onto the arena, it gets juiced up with this crazy Rage spell. This spell enhances the Giant’s speed and attack, turning it into a total wrecking machine.

So, your game plan has to be on point – either slowdown that Raging Giant’s rampage or kick into high gear to take it out before it crushes your Crown Towers.

Best Approach to Rule the Challenge

To win the Raging Giant Challenge, your deck composition and tactical decision-making are critical. Here are two broad approaches to consider:

  1. Defense-Focused Strategy: Pick some defensive troops to slow down that Raging Giant and keep your towers safe. Units like Cannon, Tornado, and Inferno Tower can put the brakes on the Giant, giving you the time, you need to hit back with a vengeance.
  2. Aggressive Strategy: Throw in some speedy swarm units like Bats, Skeleton Army, and Minion Horde to take out that Raging Giant before it starts wrecking your towers. These cards are great at getting rid of the Giant fast and keeping the pressure on your opponent’s side.

Top 3 Raging Giant Challenge Decks

Let us now find out some of the most amazing decks created specifically to win the Raging Giant Challenge. These decks have been extensively built to capitalize on the event’s unique dynamics and give you an advantage:

1. Defensive Fortress Deck:

  • Cannon
  • Tornado
  • Electro Wizard
  • Baby Dragon
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A
  • Wizard
  • Mega Minion
  • Fireball

To mess with the Raging Giant’s rampages and pull off some clever counterpunches that’ll make your opponent sweat, this deck is all about setting up defensive units and having troops that can switch gears quickly.

2. Swarm and Destroy Deck:

  • Skeleton Army
  • Bats
  • Minion Horde
  • Night Witch
  • Lumberjack
  • Battle Ram
  • Fire Spirits
  • Zap

Use the awesomeness of swarming troops to quickly take down that raging giant and totally flood your opponent with a bunch of attackers. Make the most out of their freak-out moments to snag those quick wins.

3. Control and Counter Deck:

  • Inferno Tower
  • Electro Dragon
  • Ice Spirit
  • Log
  • Mega Minion
  • Hunter
  • Royal Ghost
  • Lightning

This deck is all about playing it smart and countering your opponent’s moves. It uses cards that can shut down enemies and keep you ahead in managing your elixir.

This event isn’t for the faint-hearted – you got to be quick on your feet, crafty as heck, and make decisions faster than a lightning bolt.

But, these decks are like your secret weapons, primed and ready to help you crush the competition and become the ultimate Clash Royale champ.

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