Blue Locked League Trello Guide & Wiki for Beginners

The Blue Locked League Trello Guide is an in-depth guide to the Roblox soccer game. We will talk about everything that you need to know about the Blue Locked League in this guide – such as how to join the pro league, progress through the game, use the controls, and more.

So, let’s get started!

Blue Locked League Trello Guide

The Blue Locked League is not your typical Roblox soccer game. It’s designed to offer more excitement and control with its stats, archetypes, teams, and unique concepts. Not to mention the tough competition that comes along with it! All of these elements combined are sure to spice things up.

To make things simple, the BLL will have two versions – one for the closed community and another for the public. So whether you prefer to play with a tight-knit group or challenge anyone and everyone, BLL has got you covered.

Closed Community

This is where the most in-depth development will be placed into and essentially the life of the game. By following the BLUELOCK organization’s procedures, you’ll be able to enter the pro league. To put it simply, you must complete the tasks assigned to you within BLUELOCK, CC to progress to the main league.

  • Pro League
  • BLUELOCK facility
  • Talents
  • Media (GFX, Livestreams, etc.)
  • Automated drills
  • Archetypes and statistics
  • Character design and individualism
  • Camera placement and movement

Open Community

This will be a different entity from that of the CC version, but all your data will transfer here if you wish to join this place whenever.

  • Auto 7v7, 8v8, 9v9 games
  • Limited amount of drills
  • Minigames


The central area of CC is where most events and games take place, and it’s essential to complete this phase to access the pro league. You can raise your rank in the game by participating in a variety of events and games that are present in this area.

  • BL isn’t only forwards, its any position.
  • Progression is based off individual and team performance.
  • Rankings will be in effect, your score will be noted.
  • Teams will be lettered from “A” and so on.
  • Your activity will play a good role in your progression.

Pro League (Neo Egoist League)

If you are unable to complete the Blue Locked phase, you won’t be able to access the pro league. However, you will get another opportunity when the Blue Locked phase restarts. Sports leagues on Roblox typically have scheduled games that teams are expected to play, and this may not be suitable for players who cannot maintain consistency in their gameplay.

However, you can still participate as a free agent if you’re unable to commit to scheduled gameplay.

  • Real teams will be used
  • Most media will be influenced off this segment
  • Regular game scheduling
  • Lastly, the world cup and many other competitive tournaments.
  • Increased Talent effectiveness

Talents Wiki

This might be the most key defining thing about this game. As we all know, BLUELOCK as an anime/manga adds special effects and other attracting visuals that make it even more likeable than it already is. Trying to emulate that there will be “talents” or things you take extreme pride in as a player. This will add more individualism to your character.

  • Essentially a spec.
  • Anyone can obtain and utilize their talent.
  • Flow State..
  • Lastly, talents are based off your archetypes and stat placement.

Talents are split between primary and secondary. Your primary talent will be your main weapon and will be more effective than your secondary.


As a result of being in the position FB (Full Back), my stat placement, and archetype (True Defender), my talents are:

Primary: Defensive Domain (Increased speed and effectiveness when inside your defensive bubble.)

Secondary: Perfect Tackle (Increased slide tackle speed and nullified chance of fouling the opposite team.)


As a result of being in the position attacking midfielder, my stat placement, and archetype (Playmaker), my talents are:

Primary: Foresight (At times, you will see the exact location of where the ball will land when kicked by anyone.)

Secondary: Harmony (2 teammates near you will be synchronized with your rhythm and have some offensive capabilities increased.)


For the sake of having a higher percentage of players show up to games, the minimum requirement for a team will be between 7-9 people.

  • All team members must be present for a game to start, otherwise its a forfeit.
  • 2v2s and 3v3s will occur at random in the BL.
  • There might be cases where being selfish will develop your talent even further.

We’ll now talk over the controls of the Blue Locked League game and how you can use them to your advantage.

Goalie System & Controls Wiki

If you’re playing defense in the Blue Locked League and your goalie is inside their penalty box, the goalie mode will be activated. In this mode, your goalie can still use their defensive abilities like slide tackling and stealing the ball.

But, here’s the real deal: when the ball is no longer yours, your character will start to interact with it differently. So you got to have defense mode turned on for it to work. So, remember to activate it!

Dive (Q)

  • Dive in a direction based off your momentum. You character must be pressing a movement key to use this. (AWSD)

Punch (E)

  • Punch the ball in the direction your character is facing. Your character must be on the ground to use this.

Kick Ball & Throw Ball (M1/M2)

  • Both require ownership of the ball.

Kick Ball (M1)

  • Power on “clears” are roughly 25% more powerful than the average kick.

Throw Ball (M2)

  • To throw a ball it must be grappled.

Grab Ball / Release Ball (F)

To pick up the ball in Blue Locked League, press the F key when you have it or block a shot. But be careful, the timing is important! It depends on your goalie’s skills and a bit of luck, so watch out for that. And remember, you can’t jump while holding the ball.

Controls Guide

Players can customize the default keyboard control scheme in the Blue Locked League to assign different keys to various actions or even change the default keys altogether. Experimentation is key to finding a control scheme that works best for individual players.

General Controls

  • WASD + Right Mouse Button – Dash/Input Dribble
  • WASD + Q – Flick Ball
  • E/R – Roll Ball Left / Roll Ball Right
  • X/C – Roll Ball Front / Roll Ball Backward
  • Left Mouse Button – Kick (hold to charge)
  • F – Stop/Control Ball
  • Z – Shot fake (shot power needs to be charged)
  • Left/Right Shift – Sprint
  • Left Ctrl – Toggle Mouse lock
  • ~ – Toggle Defense Mode
  • Left Mouse Button + Defense Mode – Standing Tackle/Slide Tackle (When Sprinting)

Shooting Modes

  • 1- Standard Shot
  • 2- Straight Shot
  • 3- Outside Curve Shot
  • 4- Inside Curve Shot

Ball Spin Modes

  • B – Backspin
  • N – Topspin
  • M – Knuckle

Advance Strikes

  • Airborne + Shoot – Header
  • Airborne + Shoot + A – Left Tilting Volley
  • Airborne + Shoot + D – Right Tilting Volley
  • Airborne + Shoot + W – Scorpion Kick
  • Airborne + Shoot + S – Bicycle/Scissor Kick

Advance Dribbles

  • Z – Advanced Dribble Mode
  • E (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Left Air Elastico
  • R (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Right Air Elastico
  • C (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Roulette
  • X (In Advanced Dribble Mode) – Scissors


  • 5 – Talent 1
  • 6 – Talent 2

Talent Types List

Shot Types (5)

Talent types that specialize in kicking the ball which results in a unique after effect, such as an enhanced curve, etc.

  • Riptide Shot
  • Big Bang Drive
  • Kaiser Impact
  • Direct Shot
  • Kingly Strike

Dribble Types (5)

Talent types that specialize in using dribble or specific ball control moves to get past defenders.

  • Lightning Dribble
  • Aerial Trap
  • Monster Lift
  • Creative Trapping
  • Drag Scissors

Defensive Types (5)

Talent types that specialize in heavily aiding oneself on the defensive end. Such as leaping into the air to automatically steal a ball that is in motion in the air.

  • Vipers Coil
  • Stalking
  • Kings Spear
  • Indomitable Will
  • Emperor Eye

Agility Types (5)

Talent types that specialize in ones agility and jumping ability. Normally, these talents will be off the ball.

  • Speed Star
  • Speedster
  • Shadow Steps
  • Diving Header
  • Victory Path

Unorthodox Type (5)

Talent types that do not fall into any category and tend to have an unusual effect, such as using a talent called Harmony which buffs you and teammates around you.

  • Harmony
  • Solar Planets
  • Pinpoint Precision
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Copycat

If you’re a fan of Roblox soccer games, the Blue Locked League is the perfect game for you today.

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