Chrono Travelers codes guide February 2024: All gift codes

Chrono Travelers is an exciting gacha game for mobile where you can use redeem codes to get gift packs. So, here we’ve all the codes you can claim for February 2024.

You can unlock the secrets of Chrono Travelers with exclusive codes that open doors to untold adventures and unique in-game treasures.

Redeeming Chrono Travelers codes will reveal the hidden gems that will enhance your gaming experience.

Active Chrono Travelers codes in February 2024

These are the active Chrono Travelers codes that you can claim as of February 28, 2024.

  • NiceTCY2024 – Redeem this code for rewards!
  • CHRONO2023 — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!
  • CT777 — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!
  • PRE100K — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!
  • PRE10K — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!
  • PRE30K — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!
  • PRE50K — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!
  • PRE80K — Redeem for CP boost and gift packs!

Redeeming these gift codes on mobile

You can redeem Chrono Travelers gift codes by following these steps:

  1. Launch the Chrono Travelers game on your mobile.
  2. Tap on the Benefits icon on the home page.
  3. On the new window tap on Redeem Code button.
  4. Type in the coupon code that we have given above into the text box.
  5. Tap Claim to get your free rewards automatically.

About Chrono Travelers

It is a captivating near-futuristic open-world game released by EYOUGAME(USS) where ancient celestial spirits collide with cutting-edge technology, creating a world of wonder.

In this game, you go on an adventure with companions, exploring various landscapes from bustling cities to ancient relics. There you have to challenge bosses armed with futuristic tech and celestial essence.

Take part in Spirit Combat Dynamics, strategically using spirit powers for victory over them. You can even summon gods with powerful strengths and magical appearances to boost your chances of winning in battles.

Beyond combat, the game also lets you personalize your character with bespoke attire and gear in futuristic settings.

So, that’s all for today! We’ll update this list as new codes are released, so bookmark it and check back later.

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