DC Dual Force Leader Tier List | Best Leader Guide (2024)

With DC Dual Force just round the corner, I couldn’t resist the temptation to share me findings on the all-important leader tier list. In this guide, I’ll be taking a proper deep dive into the heart of this digital CCG, unraveling the mysteries of the all-important DC Dual Force leader tier list.

Please note: This DC Dual Force Leader tier list represents my personal opinion and is based on my own experience playing the game so far. Tier lists are generally subjective by nature and may vary depending on individual playstyles, game versions, and the ever-evolving meta.

Understanding the DC Dual Force Leader Tier List

Before we start, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what it’s all about and how it works. A leader tier list sorts them based on their abilities and how powerful and effective they are in the game.

We’re talking letters here, from S (the best leaders) to D (the strugglers). So, an S-tier leader is top-notch, while a D-tier one might find it tough to keep up with the others.

S-Tier: The Heroes of Legends

DC Dual Force S Tier Leaders
By Clashiverse


Our journey starts with Batman, the legendary Dark Knight. Batman’s ability, “Gotham’s Guardian,” generates a bronze resource at the start of each turn, allowing you to quickly assemble a powerful army. This resource generation is proper invaluable and works well with various cards, making Batman a top-notch pick for almost any deck.


Diving into the S-tier, we ‘ave Aquaman, King of Atlantis. Aquaman’s ability, “Summon CQ,” creates a proper powerful CQ token at the start of the game, giving you an early advantage. And as the game goes on, Aquaman’s ability scales, generating even more CQ tokens. His potential for tempo, board control, and late-game dominance puts him right on top.


Next up is the Man of Steel himself, Superman. With his “Man of Tomorrow” ability, Superman deals 7 damage to an enemy leader, packing a strong offensive punch. His high health pool makes him durable and hard to take down. Although not as versatile as some other S-tier heroes, Superman’s consistent damage output earns him a spot among the best.

A-Tier: The Heroes of Might

DC Dual Force A Tier Leaders
By Clashiverse

Wonder Woman

The Amazonian warrior, is in the A-tier. Her “Truth and Justice” ability grants all your recruits +1 defense, making your board more resilient against enemy attacks. She’s got the strength in her utility, providing both offense and defense, making her a solid choice for any might-based deck. Some may place her in the S tier above Superman, but I personally feel she is rightly placed in A tier.


The infamous Clown Prince of Crime, Joker. With his “Joker’s Wild” ability he deals 5 damage to an enemy leader and creates a lightning bolt card, adding to your resources. This burst damage potential, coupled with extra resources, gives Joker a proper strong position in the tier list.

Hal Jordan

And lastly, in the A-tier, we’ve got Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. His “Willpower” ability grants you an additional bronze resource at the start of the game, fueling your plays early on. While he might be limited by the pool of Green Lantern cards, his resource acceleration and potential for powerful combos make him a strong leader.

B-Tier: The Heroes of Valor

DC Dual Force B Tier Leaders
By Clashiverse

Harley Quinn

Stepping into the B-tier, we meet Harley Quinn, the Mistress of Mayhem. Her “Chaos Control” ability allows you to draw a card at the end of each turn. This card draw mechanic is valuable for maintaining card advantage, but it requires a specific deck build to fully capitalize on it.


Zooming into the B-tier is the Scarlet Speedster, Flash. His “Speedster” ability grants him a second attack during your turn, offering the potential for high burst damage. His effectiveness is closely tied to the availability of support cards, but in the right deck, he can shine.

Lex Luthor

Rounding out the B-tier, we ‘ave Lex Luthor, the cunning mastermind. His “LexCorp Industries” ability allows him to destroy an enemy recruit, providing reliable spot removal. While not as flashy as some other abilities, his control-oriented playstyle makes him valuable in control-based decks.

C-Tier: The Leaders of Potential

DC Dual Force C Tier Leaders
By Clashiverse

Black Adam

Descending into the C-tier, we ‘ave Black Adam, the powerful anti-hero. His “The Power of Egypt” ability can be devastating, but it requires a high ratio of five-attack cards to be efficient. His potential increases in slower-paced games, but for now, he falls behind the stronger leaders.


His ability activates after accumulating 4 charges, unleashing a tremendous 10-power attack. To maximize its potential, targeting an enemy Leader for knockout allows you to use this ability twice in rapid succession. However, the challenge lies in ensuring the attack reaches the opposing Leaders, as directing such a powerful strike at an enemy recruit wouldn’t be the most effective strategy.


She gives you the power to harness Magical spells for 2 charges, offering a promising resource generation. She has a decent variety of Magical Spells but not all of them directly impact the board, and their situational nature may lead to missed opportunities. Nevertheless, there are specific build-around cards for Magical spells, such as Giovanni Zatara.

D-Tier: The Heroes in Search of Purpose

DC Dual Force D Tier Leaders
By Clashiverse


He is the World’s Mightiest Mortal. While his ability “Lightning Bolt” can deal solid damage, the lack of consistent support and the need for specific deck building limits his viability. His potential lies in slower metagames, but for now, he struggles to compete with other leaders.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow has a unique playstyle centered around his ability to seek and use Trick Arrows, costing Bronze, Silver, or Gold resources. These powerful cards offer removal and additional benefits, but the charges don’t provide the arrows for free. This makes him more suitable for a controlling strategy, requiring a deck focused on maximizing Trick Arrow generation, possibly with Firepower or action-scaling cards like John Diggle.

Poison Ivy

Completing our tier list in the D-tier is Poison Ivy, the Enchanting Botanist. Her “Savage Vines” ability summons a recruit every two turns, providing consistent board presence. Unfortunately, her ability is outperformed by other leaders, leaving her in search of a home in the current metagame.

The DC Dual Force leader tier list is all sorted now, and I’m quite keen on the new upgrades, expansions, and events that’ll be shaking up the game’s landscape.

The DC Comics universe is huge, with numerous opportunities for exciting new content. I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.

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