Gloria Victis Tier List Wiki 2023 – Best Weapons Guide

Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG has a vast arsenal of weapon variety. Having a massive weapon pool does not mean all of them are effective and the best in the game. It is why I have curated the Gloria Victis weapon tier list to help you find and rank the best weapons in the game.

Gloria Victis is a medieval MMORPG having epic PVP battles, challenging territory control mechanism, a player-driven economy, class-less progression, an open world, and freedom to explore. In this game, you can take on a variety of tasks, including quests, large-scale PVE events, crafting, and trading. Moreover, the low-fantasy backdrop of the game draws its inspiration from mediaeval Europe era.

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Gloria Victis Tier List – Best Weapons

Here’s a complete explanation of this Gloria Victis tier list:

Weapons Tier Characteristics
Hammer SS It works well against cleave attacks and is most effective against heavy armor.
Guisarme SS Armor penetration is 5% only. When used against medium armor, it works best. The only weapon that deals piercing damage only.
Axe S Has an armor penetration of 5%. Overhead most effective against shields, gates, and light armor cleave attacks.
Sword S Continuous stabbing of this will cause bleeding. Most effective against medium and light armor.
Dagger S When used with the Marksman ability, it deals bleeding damage with full power attacks. It has the fastest overall attack speed and is most effective against light and medium armor.
MacePick S Most effective against heavy and medium armor troops.
Spear A It has 10% armor penetration when stabbing and is the longest one-handed weapon. Recommended to use against medium armor troops.
Bardiche A One of the most effective armor penetration weapon with 5% overhead, and is most effective against shields, doors, and light armor.
Glaive A It has a low armor penetration of 5%. Can be used against light armor troops.
Halberd A It is the longest cleaving weapon with 5% armor penetration, and is most effective against light armor.
Lance A Has an armor penetration of 5%, used by cavalry and against cavalry. It has a slow attack speed when used on foot but can be used for jousting while mounted. On foot, the throw key can be used to brace against cavalry.

Finishing Up

I have been playing Gloria Victis non-stop and this weapons tier list is the end result of all that time. Just keep in mind that this ranking of each weapon might not be the same as your own experiences. It is just based on my personal preferences and what I have seen and experienced while playing.

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So there you have it, all the info on the Gloria Victis tier list on one page. Which weapon type do you use the most in the game and which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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