How To Catch Emperor Fish in (Tips & Tricks) is a popular mobile game offering a fun fishing experience with a unique twist on the standard concepts. While the game is known for its intense combat against deadly zombies, going fishing can be a welcome change of pace.

With the launch of the Summer Seaside Soiree event, takes a delightful detour. This event adds a whole new dimension to the game, providing an opportunity to cast your line, unwind, and discover the hidden treasures of the fishing world within the game.

If you’re seeking for some pointers and techniques on how to catch the Emperor Fish in the new Summer Seaside Soiree event, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Fish in

First things first, to start fishing, tap the yellow button or bait to cast your line. Once you’ve done that, get ready for a skill check.

Tap the yellow button again when the moving marker is within the green area to achieve a precise cast. The color of the marker indicates the quality of your cast:

  • Grey: Normal casting, no increased chance for rare fish.
  • Green: Good casting, slight increase in the chance for rare fish.
  • Dark green: Perfect cast, medium increase in the chance for rare fish.

Now, it’s time to wait for a bite. Luckily, the bite is instant, and you’ll find yourself in the next stage—reeling in the fish.

Let’s get down to the business!

How To Catch Emperor Fish

Emperor Fish
Image by Clashiverse

Through extensive testing, we’ve identified two main strategies for fishing in

The first strategy involves using multicast, while the second focuses on targeting Emperor Fish individually.

Let’s explore both approaches and their effectiveness.

Multicast Strategy:

This strategy involves casting multiple lines simultaneously to increase your chances of catching rare fish. By using multicast, you can quickly reel in multiple fish, including Emperor Fish.

Targeting Emperor Fish Individually:

If your primary goal is to catch Emperor Fish and complete the handbook for rewarding perks, this method might be more useful.

With this approach, you’ll focus on catching fish one at a time, releasing any fish that swim beyond 200 meters unless they show signs of being Emperor Fish. Keep an eye on their behavior and be patient.

To confirm if a fish is an Emperor Fish, watch for specific indicators. They tend to swim to around 150-160 meters right after biting, and they put up a fight during the reeling process.

However, not every fish that fights hard will be an Emperor Fish. Some might be regular fish with a feisty nature. You’ll notice the difference through experience.

If you’re uncertain about a fish’s identity, follow this guideline: if the fish fights only once and doesn’t struggle much, it’s likely a normal fish. In such cases, it’s often better to release it and exchange the broken fishing line for more fishing lures at the exchange shop.

Catch Emperor Fish
Image by Clashiverse

Remember, each broken line can be traded for a fishing lure.

During your fishing journey, you may run out of fishing lures. You can head over to the shop and exchange broken lines for more lures to replenish your stock.

Now, let’s talk about landing the perfect cast. While it doesn’t affect your chances of catching an Emperor Fish directly, it’s always satisfying to achieve that perfect cast.

So, aim for the center and perfect your casting skills. With time and practice, you’ll improve your accuracy and overall fishing experience.

Keep in mind that fishing in requires patience and persistence. It may take some time to catch an Emperor Fish, but don’t give up.

That wraps up our guide on how to catch Emperor Fish in We hope these strategies and tips help you on your fishing quest.

Please leave a comment if you have questions or other strategies to offer.

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