Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt Tier List (All Heroes Ranked)

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt is an real-time fantasy RPG game developed by HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited where you battle Chaos Dragons using a large collection of mighty heroes.

To help you choose the best heroes for success, here you will find an updated Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt tier list

Also, I understand that evolving and upgrading heroes is crucial, so I’ll guide you on the best role, rarity, and ultimate type for each class.

Without ado, let’s get started!

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt Tier List

I have categorized heroes into different tiers, with SSR (Super Super Rare) and SR (Super Rare) being two notable tiers. Let’s see what these tiers mean:

SSR (Super Super Rare): Heroes in the SSR tier are exceptionally powerful and rare. They have special abilities, high stats, and are often integral to creating strong team compositions. These heroes can help you win battles. Obtaining SSR heroes may require special events, summoning rituals, or dedicated efforts.

SR (Super Rare): Heroes in the SR tier are also valuable additions to your team. While not as powerful as SSR heroes, they still offer substantial strength and useful skills. SR heroes are more accessible compared to SSR heroes and can be obtained through summoning or progression rewards.

Name Rarity Role Role+ ultimate type
Name Seltenheit Klasse Rolle+ Ulti typ
Benson SSR Krieger Warrior Melee, Aoe, Active
Baldr SSR Schurke Rogue Ranged , Aoe, Channel
Betty SSR Schurke Rogue Ranged, Single target, Channel
Edward SSR Schurke Rogue Assasin, Single target small aoe,active
Luna SSR Zauberer Mage Ranged, single target , active
Elia SSR Support Heal, Aoe, Channel
Sarah SSR Krieger Warrior Melee, Aoe, instant
Wesker SSR Zauberer Mage Ranged, Aoe, instant
Antony SSR Tank Melee,Selfheal shield, instant
Shuri SR Krieger Warrior Melee, Single target, Channel?
Jerry SR Support debuff, Aoe+DMG, CC , Instant
Quasimodo SR Zauberer Mage Ranged, Aoe, Instant
Natalie SR Krieger Warrior Melee, AOE/CC, Instant
Hortis SR Schurke Rogue Assasin, Single target, Instant
Mia SR Support Heal, Aoe, Instant
Maya SR Zauberer Mage Ranged, Aoe, Channel
Bobo SR Krieger Warrior Melee, Aoe, Channel
John SR Tank Melee, Shield, Channel
Thera SR Support heal/buff, Single target, Active
Dan SR Tank Melee, Shieldgain+taunt, instant
Jam SR Tank Melee, CC, Instant
Ollie SR Zauberer Mage Ranged, Single/Summon, Instant
Skade SR Schurke Rogue Ranged, Single target,Instant?
Icey SR Schurke Rogue Ranged, Single target, instant

Let’s address some commonly asked questions from this tier list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the “Role+Ultimate Type” column indicate?

It specifies the ultimate type of each hero in addition to their designated role. This provides insight into their special abilities during battles.

Can I customize or enhance the abilities of my heroes?

The game offers customization and enhancement systems, such as skill upgrades, equipment, or talent trees. Check through the in-game menu for ideas on how to customize your heroes.

Is the tier list up to date?

The tier list provided is updated as per the latest patch release. But, I always recommended to bookmark this page for new hero rankings.

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