JoJo Timestop Battlegrounds Trello Guide & Wiki

Explore the newest JoJo Timestop Battlegrounds Trello on this page. It is a latest PVP/Roleplay game on Roblox inspired by the popular manga series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In this game, you can play as any character from Part 3: Stardust Crusaders and use the time stop ability to battle against other players. The game is set in an open world where you can explore different locations and engage in battles with other players.

We will give you a beginner guide of JoJo Timestop Battlegrounds game and we will also give you the source of the official Trello board. So, let’s get started!

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JoJo Timestop Battlegrounds Guide

Time Stop Ability

Time Stop Ability

The time stop ability, first seen in the manga, was used by the characters DIO and Jotaro Kujo, and has become a popular element in the game. You can use this ability to freeze time and attack your opponents, giving you an advantage in battles. However, the time stop ability has a cooldown period, so you must use it wisely. The game also features a variety of special abilities that you can use to gain an edge in battles.


The game features a variety of weapons, including knives and guns, that you can use to defeat opponents. Each weapon has its own unique properties and abilities, and you can use them to your advantage in battles.

Leveling System

The game includes a leveling system, where you can earn XP and level up your character. As you level up, you can unlock new abilities and weapons, which will help you to become more powerful in battles. The game also includes a rebirth system, where you can rebirth your character and start again with increased strength and abilities.

Team Battles

You can join different teams in JoJo: Timestop Battlegrounds, and engage in team battles against other teams. The game also includes a leaderboard, where you can see your ranking and compare your progress with other players. The game also features a variety of events and tournaments, where you can compete against other players and win prizes.

JoJo Timestop Battlegrounds Trello Guide

The game’s developer also provides an official Trello guide through the link provided below:

Inside the Trello you will find all the details about gameplay, and other important information that will help you excel in the game. You can also keep track of updates, bugs, and new features that are being worked on.

JoJo Timestop Battlegrounds Wiki Guide

The game’s developer also provides an official Wiki guide that you can access through the link provided below:


In conclusion, JoJo: Timestop Battlegrounds offers you an immersive experience of playing as your favorite JoJo characters. The game’s open world, time stop ability, special abilities, leveling system, and team battles make it an enjoyable and challenging game. Its inspiration from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure adds an interesting twist to the game and makes it appealing to fans of the manga.

If you’re a fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and enjoy PVP/Roleplay games, JoJo: Timestop Battlegrounds is definitely worth checking out.

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